To Run or Not Buy?

June 18, 2013

I have never been much of a "runner." Mainly because I don't have the endurance and my physical activities consist of running around work, longboarding, and hula hooping. 
I saw these super fly Deena & Ozzy running shoes on Urban Outfitters and couldn't help but make up lots of excuses as to why I need them. When I showed a good friend of mine who runs and goes to the gym everyday she asked me, "How long does it take you to run a mile?" Sheepishly I responded, "It took me around 7 minutes back in sixth grade when they made us run." Then she asked me if I had ran all four laps, and I couldn't remember. "I probably didn't." Now thinking about it, I find the situation extremely funny, but that doesn't make my quest for these shoes any easier. They look like a good pair to run in, but let's be honest I don't run. Maybe next year when I'm at university and I decide to start working out (more or less) Le sigh. These shoes are on Urban for $39! In other news, Rachel Zoe shoes and purses are on Hautelook, a more realistic option for me probably.

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