Chanel Iman x XXI

November 5, 2012

Chanel Iman! I love love love her. I remember when she first started modeling for Teen Vogue, then slowly, and slowly fell into my life.
She is hands down, one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. She also has climbed the ropes of one of my favourite models in the industry as well. Moreover, I have a strong adoration for Chanel, and when I pulled up Forever 21 this morning I was super excited. It seems that Chanel loves a few of my favourite things as well. I really love the leopard coat especially because I just recently bought one, which clearly means I’m cool. The collared, and sequin shorts are a must! Also, the nude shoes are perfect too!
Her favourites are definitely a mix between glam and dark. There’s tons of collars, peplums, sequins, stripes, and leopard. High waisted shorts, and faux fur jackets with trim on it are found on the page as well. Clearly the items are a mix of fun holiday clothes. I can actually see myself wearing a lot of this stuff everyday, but even more for holidays. Even the nail polish is fun! Lots of glitter and silvers. UGH! Love her!

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