Breaking Up, a Hairstory Review

July 8, 2016

I've had a longstanding on and off relationship with traditional shampoo and conditioner. I've tried countless brands - Carol's Daughter, John Frieda, OGX, Rock Your Hair, Avalon Organics, L'Oreal, Healthy Sexy Hair, etc.

So what's the common trait with all these brands beside me not really loving any of them? The feeling of shampoo and conditioner- the lather, the creaminess of the product, the packaging, the click of opening/closing the bottle, the scents. Essentially the addictiveness of shampoo and conditioner is it's comforting, relaxing nature. That has been my reason for never questioning its apathetic abilities. However, I said goodbye to the these addicting traits when I broke up with shampoo & conditioner. Hopefully for good.
So why breaking up? A little drastic to describe switching to different products, right? Well, I literally broke up with shampoo and conditioner a little over a month ago. Gina from Hairstory contacted me to review some of their products and ecstatically I accepted. Since then I have only been using New Wash to wash my hair (mid May) and styling for the most part with Hairstory products and the exceptional dry shampoo/heat protectant/deep conditioner.

A little background on Hairstory. Hairstory was created by the incredible Michael Gordon, the creator of Bumble & Bumble. I found out about Hairstory from my hairdresser Alexander Sandate from Paisley & Stripe salon. Alex and his wife Breanna visited the Hairstory studio and had their own stories captured. Ever since their visit I have been an avid follower of Hairstory. Read more, here.

Hairstory sent me four products to try

New Wash / Hair Balm / Undressed / Dressed Up

New Wash - $40 - 8 oz

What I find fascinating about New Wash is its truly revolutionary. This product has completely changed my mind about my natural hair. I have long, oily hair. For all my life I've felt I needed to mask my hairs natural texture by straightening my somewhat already straight hair. My hair always ended up turning into something I knew it wasn't. Over processed, over straight. When I started using New Wash + these products I started feeling like my hair out of the shower, my natural hair, was beautiful, untamed, and most importantly clean.

New Wash is a completely different hair experience. It's nothing like the addicting shampoo/conditioner I mentioned earlier. This product doesn't foam in your hair or feel quite as thin. Instead you lather your hair covering it with product and let it sit. I usually shave my legs while I let it sit. They suggest combing through your hair with the product in, but I never have. If you didn't know this already shampoo and conditioner are terrible for your hair. They have all sorts of nasty ingredients that actually cause damage to your hair, and New Wash is its conqueror. After you let the product sit rinse it out very well. No conditioner needed, and you're done! I brush my hair afterwards with my Gloss: Dual Boar Paddle Brush ($22) from Sephora.

I just want to say I really like washing my hair but I used to do it too much. While I'm at uni I have a tendency to over wash my hair as its therapeutic. However, since I intern 40 hours a week at Anthropologie I don't have time to wash my hair as often. I can go three, four days without needing to wash my hair with New Wash, but since I tend to have oily hair I don't like to go more than three days personally. I did use dry shampoo on occasion since my hair is oily and the 90+ degree weather only worsens that, but New Wash doesn't need dry shampoo especially if you like the texture alone. I also tried a deep conditioning mask (in my next big Sephora Play review) but I found New Wash on its own did 1000 times more than this mask ever could.
What I love about New Wash is ultimately that you can't overuse it. Overall I really liked using New Wash. It has a lovely, clean, and fresh smell which I love very much. Additionally I loved the luxe packaging and texture of the product itself.

P.S. I've been using this product since mid May and I haven't run out.

Hair Balm - $36 - 8 oz

Hair Balm is my new favorite thing, and definitely one of my favorite hair products now. Hair Balm is nourishing and helps soothe your hair. Whether you have damaged hair or frizzy hair like me Hair Balm calms it down. I loved that this product left no excess residue in my hair or in my hands. I hate when hair products leave your hands greasy and friends I assure you this product doesn't. My hair is crazy frizzy, seriously I'm not sure what I did in one of my past lives that caused my frizz prone hair. Hair Balm soothes it. I like to imagine Hair Balm giving the frizz a pep-talk to chill. I used Hair Balm before we shot these photos in 94 degree Kansas heat how'd it do?
Undressed - $38 - 8 oz

I've chronically straightened my hair for years (although I've gone on a long hiatus not straightening my hair nearly as much as I used too, and barely using hot tools). I've always loved sleek, straight hair but it always looked over done. I never knew how to make it look more natural, but New Wash helped me create a texture I loved. Undressed helped me create "cool girl" hair. It's helped create effortless hair for me. A product that I was reminded of when I first used Undressed was Bumble & Bumble's City Swept. Unlike B&B's City Swept Undressed lasts all day, looking better as the day goes on, and not just for 20 minutes.
Dressed Up - $36 - 8 oz

Dressed Up is all about beautifying your hair. It's a natural and elegant way to create a stylish blow-dry. Apply with hair your pan on blow-drying. Use a dime size to quarter size amount (depending on hair length)  then blow dry!

I'll preface my review for this product by saying I am the laziest "Solo Broke Girl" when it comes to blowouts. I always want the result of a blowout but I have none of the equipment. What I find astonishing is that blowout kits at home are either overpriced (Drybar *cough*), impractical (Tangle Teezer's Blow Styling Tool - Full Paddle), or just too much for a busy gal like myself. I don't have the time or money to invest in blowout kits. I'll always yearn for the results of a beautiful blowout.

Dressed up does exactly what I want, for a great price, and for a girl on the run. I've always wanted the Bridgitte Bardot kinda hair, and Dressed Up gives me that in an easy and functional way.
I asked Gina what was the most effective way to use Dressed Up + if there is a specific hairbrush or blow-dryer you should use,

"Dressed Up is to work gradually in sections. It’s rare that a stylist will put through the entire head before blow-drying; you don’t want it drying before you’re ready to style. The type of hair dryer isn’t as important as not using super-high heat that will scorch hair and scalp (although Dressed Up does feature heat protection ingredients). The type of brush (round or flat) depends on whether you want to create curve, bend, and volume (round) or to smooth out or “deflate” volume (flat)."

Overall I loved using these products and would recommend them with all my heart.

My hair grew faster, made me fall in love with my natural hair, and how could I not love this sleek, cool packaging!

On another note my hair has a tendency to be itchy and oily. New Wash didn't really change that fact. I think if I washed my hair more often New Wash could help with this struggle. However, Hairbalm worked well when my hair was oily, frizzy, and in a teenage angst mood.

Shop Hairstory here!

Ultimately, New Wash is le nouveau quartier en vogue (the new big thing)!

In my suitcase: Gilmore Girls Entertainment Weekly, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Sailor Moon backpack (old), silk french scarf from Foulards Cravates, Hello Kitty figures from Target (old).

Photos by Alyssa Barletter Photography

I received these products complimentary from Hairstory for testing purposes. All opinions are always, always, always my own.


  1. Oh wow, your hair looks so great in these photos! I love bumble & bumble so you immediately peaked my interest when you said the founder also created this line. I totally agree that shampoos can be soo drying. Unfortunately I have dandruff soo I don't think the no traditional shampoo-ing thing would work out for me. But Undressed sounds perfect for me! Thanks for the thorough reviews and recommendations :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. Awh thanks Mili! I literally just wash my hair and I'm good. There's another cleansing cream they make called Purely Perfect but I've seen more results with just New Wash. Michael Gordon created it and actually sold it to Estee Lauder in 2006! My salon used to be B&B and I loved their products but I really felt they didn't do much for me. I have dandruff too and an incredibly itchy scalp at times and this stuff worked wonders! Always ; )!

  2. These products look so nice!

  3. Such beautiful photos! Dressed Up sounds good :) x

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

  4. Great photos !!!
    You are so pretty !!!.

  5. Sounds great, I suffer from oily hair and so tend to over wash too. I should definitely try these products out xx

  6. they have really cool packaging. Thank you for sharing :)


  7. Interesting tips ;)
    Mónica Sors

  8. This is such a great review Sonia! You're really making me want to check these products out. I've always used traditional shampoo and conditioner every 3 days or so, but I've heard really good things about alternative products that are more hair-friendly. If I did make the switch I think I would try these!

  9. this sounds great! ur hair is beautiful!

  10. This product line sounds so different from traditional hair products- love it! And the results are killer- you hair is lovely here, lady. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. Wow! The products sound like a dream! I have that super textured Indian hair that I'm forever trying to get soft and silky (which doesn't always mean flat iron straight). I'm so interested in trying this. Perhaps after I've used up my other products I just bought. By the way, I just saw your comment about meeting up in KC. Unfortunately I already came and went! So sorry. But if you're ever in STL, let me know :)

    xx Yasmin

    1. Awh what a bummer Yasmin. You'll have to try it and let me know how they work for you!

  12. beautiful pictures - I should check these products out.

    such a beautiful dress and it was definitely made for you :)

    Love Playing DressUp

  13. I love your hair length and the products sounds amazing (: sailor moon look so adorable. x

  14. i have oily and dry can natural and silky my hair...? who is best shampoo give me proper solution

    1. I have both oily and dry hair. I would recommend New Wash and hair masks regularly. I like Christophe Ronin's Prickly Pear mask.

  15. With all due respect, the scalp looks oily and the end looks dry. It's just my observation

    1. Dear Leslie,

      These photos were taken on a 95 degree day in Kansas. I don't know if you've ever been to Kansas during the summer, but the heat and humidity is pretty similar to hell. I think my photographer did a great job compensating for the conditions. Also if you read my review I have somewhat oily hair which the heat doesn't help.

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  17. As someone with oily hair, I can totally relate. The Sailor Moon backpack is just soooo cute btw! <3

    Ledia |


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