Chanel where have you been?

February 2, 2013

If you follow my instagram feed or my twitter you may have seen how hectic la vie de Chanel has been!
I’ve been stuck in rehearsal almost everyDAY for the Wizard of Oz musical I’m in- I do sound, nothing too glamorous. I was riding around on a really broken bike at rehearsal.  I have been participating in Spirit Week themes at school which also aren’t very trendy as well so my outfits have kind of fallen a little short. Friday was a black out so I wore my favourite jeans ever, black Siwy jeans and my I Love Haters DGK Hat. I promise I’ll be up to par  on my outfits next week! My best friend Abbey also turned 18 this past Thursday so I have been planning all these shenanigans like a balloon door cascade and a surprise party, needless to say I’m busy! Hopefully I’ll be back in action this week, not hopefully I will! I have lots to update y’all on!

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