Joyeux Anniversaire de Liz

April 30, 2013

So y'all know my best friend Liz, right? If not Liz's birthday is on Thursday and I have been prepping for it for a couple of months now. Why? Well Liz and I are the kind of best friends who try to out do each other on presents, funny, huh? Well we always end up getting each other pretty gnarly gifts. So for Liz's 18th I got her all sorts of stuff.
{I don't care how snobby this sounds, but I pretty much hate drinking tap water. I have my own Bobble water bottle in hot pink, and they truly make water better. I've been promising Liz to buy her one for months now because she's fascinated by the filter, so I finally got her a purple one.}
{Both Liz and I adore high waisted shorts. I have tried so many times to DIY them, with old jeans, but it never works out properly. Being a perfectionist does not work well with cutting clothing. So I am always on the hunt for high waisted shorts, and so is Liz. I found these at Salvation Army months ago- they had the perfect high waist look. Surprisingly the best high waisted shorts I've found have been in the Walmart Faded Glory label.}
{Spotted this at Target and knew Liz would love it. She loves anything that has to do with the beach, it's perfect.}
{Even though summer is right around the corner I spotted this sweater and decided Liz needed it. She loveloveloves sweaters so why not?}
{Mix CD's for the win, seriously. There is nothing I love more than making a mix CD for someone. I gave a friend of mine a mix CD not too long ago and he said, "It was worth more than $20 and the best gift he had gotten in awhile." :3 Liz asked me to make her a CD of my true love John Mayer since she had recently fallen in love with him. Needless to say I was super excited and put it together pretty fast. Some tracks include: No Such Thing (live), Bold As Love, Edge of Desire, and more of my favourite John Mayer songs. *18 chansons de le coeur de moi (In french body parts aren't "yours", whoops my bad AP French 5)}
{I added a few more things like a pendant to match my, "Je t'aime plus qu'hier moins que demain", and a happy birthday pin for her to wear on Thursday.}
{I am also making a poster for her birthday, and buying cookie cake. Hopefully she likes these gifts and doesn't look at my blog til after Thursday}

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