November 10, 2014

Hi friends! Trying to keep up with the blog, coursework, and writing for the paper is always a challenge! Good thing I like challenges =)
2014 keeps getting crazier and crazier I tell you, but I finally made some time for JMC and Altuzarra for Target. As this semester continues to unfold I find myself reaching for more wearable pieces, pieces that I can slip on and run out to catch the bus. When I first saw Altuzarra for Target I was ecstatic for the trench coats and luxurious pajama sets, but unfortunately my Target didn't carry those pieces. Instead it carried wrap dresses that were unsuitable for my petite frame =( but luckily I found this sweatshirt on sale, for $8 (originally for 29.99)! I like to pair this sweatshirt with Urban Outfitters BDG jeans, and H&M Chelsea boots.

Other than Altuzarra for Target, life has been fairly good to me! This semester continues to get busier and busier. I'm just about ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas break. I'll finally get an adequate amount of time to see friends and family, and learn how to make all the fun seasonal drinks at the Bucks! Get ready for lots of Instagram's of Starbucks' red cups!
Photos C/O Liz!


  1. So loving these pictures and good to know your life is so busy!!

    xx 365hangers

  2. You DO sound busy! Glad to hear you get a break soon though. Love that sweatshirt, and what a great deal!!

  3. the print on your sweatshirt is so beautiful!!!

  4. Such a busy bee! Don't worry the holiday break is coming soon. The pictures came out great and that sweater looks so good on you.

    The Style Boro

  5. So cute and simple :)


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