The Update + Firmoo Review

April 2, 2015

Mic check! Check 1 - check - check - check? Anyone there?

Hi friends! It's so nice to be back on the blog and I hope to be posting more frequently by the end of May. Luckily I met Dannie from Dannie Dan-Irabor Photography over Spring Break, and we teamed up to bring you this post featuring glasses from Firmoo and what's new with Chanel.

I feel like it's been forever, and I guess it has been so where do I start? Well, how was my Spring break for starters? It was relaxing and nice overall. I made some Caramel Flan lattes, chauffeured my NYC family, watched my fair share of The Middle,  I created a brand merchandising and marketing package for JMC/updated the site, and I finally had some time to review these glasses Firmoo sent me ages ago.
What else? Well other than the brand merchandising package I created, which I will share on the site soon- I've been obsessed with Kintsugi by Death Cab For Cutie. I'll also be 20 in two weeks which is kind of scary but exciting. I've been so blessed with so many exciting new things for Je M'appelle Chanel. It's crazy to think how much it has grown in the past year- I was recently invited and accepted into the Vogue Influencer Network!

Today I'm excited to be reviewing glasses that Firmoo sent me. I remember last January I finally got my first pair of glasses and for some reason, it was such a difficult process. I knew what frames I wanted, but I wanted the pair to have longevity so I was focused on a designer and a style I'd like for my college years (I went with MBMJ in case you were curious). However, when Firmoo reached out to me and asked me to choose a pair the decision couldn't have been any easier. Cat eye glasses were calling my name which is why I chose this pair.
Although I wish the bridge was a bit larger/longer on the glasses and they had a gloss finish instead of a matte finish I really love this pair. The glasses also came with a vintage looking hard case. I am the champion of breaking Ray-Bans so this was a major plus for me. I use the hard case for my glasses which I keep in my backpack. Overall, I really like the look of these I think they make me look quite bookish in a vintage way. What do you think? Is there a formula for finding glasses that I don't know about?
To offset my "bookish" look I had to finally wear one of these Rag & Bone-esque v-neck varsity sweaters. I really love the clean aesthetic and simplicity. I think the sweater really fits into my day to day look. I really like that the sweater is a chic statement on its own, you can keep everything else simple.
Anyways, I hope y'all have a fantastic April and celebrate each day as it gets warmer and warmer with iced coffees and confetti in your hair! I'll see you in May ;)

Photos c/o of Dannie Dan-Irabor, check out Dannie's instagram!



  1. Like that casual look :)!

  2. Love love love the pictures! And the outfit and the glasses, so 1950's!

  3. Those glasses are cute! I'm really loving the sweater. I want one of those so badly!


  4. Looking fab Sonia, glad to see the update! Congrats on the vogue influencer network, that's awesome! And I love the glasses, they're so fun! :)

  5. I've got a similar sweater by H&M! Love your look on the first pic, Sonia! And the cat eye glasses look so fab on you! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, dear! Very much appreciated!


  6. Those glasses are way too cute on you!! We have to try glasses on, so are super impressed that you managed to find such a cute pair for your face online!!

    xx 365Hangers

  7. Your blog and new layout looks fantastic! Excited to see what else you have up your sleeves!!

    The Style Boro

  8. The pictures are amazing. I love the black and white look. Love the eye makeup!

    Jessica |


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