My Laser Story

September 8, 2015

Ever since I was a teen I yearned for the excess dark hairs on my face to disappear. (I blame my Indian parents, and genetics, to set the record straight) It all started in sixth grade when a middle schooler (middle schoolers are cruel) told me, that I had a mustache. Ouch the embarrassment. From then on, I succumbed to buying horrible smelling hair removal creams to tame my problem. 

I know I'm not alone in the battle to remove unwanted facial hair, but for a long time, I've always felt alone. Either my friends didn't worry about their "peach fuzz" or they got their upper lips, chins, etc. waxed/tweezed/threaded, while I just continued to buy a little Sally Hansen bottle to take the hair off. I eventually caved into waxing but it was fruitless as the hair was never really gone. Waxing, you big fake. 

I hoped and dreamed and prayed that one day I could get my way, I could get laser hair removal, and I'm on my way there. Joi from Slimming Solutions Med Spa entered my life- a real life fairy godmother. Slimming Solutions is a full service med spa in Lee's Summit, Missouri and they have just about every spa service you can think of. I know that laser won't solve all my problems, but it certainly makes me more optimistic. 

So my laser journey begins friends and I'm stoked.

First Treatment 8/13/15
Upon entering SS I was amazed by how charming the location was, and Kimberly was exceptionally kind. I had so many questions, that seemed enormous, but she took all my questions with extreme kindness. I felt unworried when we began treatment. 

So I'm sure you all want to know, what does laser hair removal feel like? Honestly, it felt like a sort of hot straightener gliding on top of my upper lip and chin. Did it hurt? Not really? If anything I could only feel the heat of the laser. It didn't hurt more than waxing, but it did sting a bit, because the laser was warm. The best part was that the treatment only took 3-5 minutes. Short and almost painless.

After my first treatment I still found myself using depilatories for the first couple of weeks. As time went on maybe a few weeks, something magical happened. I stopped finding the hairs on my upper lip and chin so overwhelmingly noticeable. The hair on my upper lip and chin, wait for it... started getting thinner! At one point I realized how different the hairs had become, instead of thick and black, they became thin and much lighter. Many people had told me I wouldn't really start noticing results until my second treatment but I noticed an overwhelming favorable difference.

Second Treament 9/8/15
This trip out to Lees Summit started out much better as I found a shorter and less stressful route to get to SS. I live about half an hour away from Lees Summit and go to school two hours away so I was really grateful they fit me in and I found myself making good time. The second time around laser is a lot less intimidating. I didn't find myself asking a lot of questions and felt pretty confident that the results would continue getting better.

So how did it feel the second time? In my opinion I think this time around hurt a little bit, the laser was sort of hot, and the pulses kind of make me a bit jumpy. But it wasn't painful in anyway, just an unusual feeling, afterwards I was pain free. The treatment took a short time yet again and I had a relaxing time overall.

Right now there are still quite a bit of little hairs on my upper lip and chin that I just trimmed, but I haven't had to use depilatories since my first treatment when the hair was really thick, so thats a blessing!

Third Treatment 11/20/15
Okay, well if it wasn't official, I'm officially calling it. I love Slimming Solutions. Although I detest the drive seeing Kim's bright face when I get back to SS is all worth it. This was my third time getting laser, and I wasn't the least bit scared. It has been a couple of months since my last treatment and my upper lip hair/chin hair had started to come back. My chin hair was certainly worse than my upper lip and I found myself annoyed for not trying to fit an appointment in the last time I was home. C'est la vie.

So how did it feel the third time? This time I asked Kim to turn the heat of the laser down since it'd been awhile. I am always so jumpy when it comes to the laser but it was about eight or nine pulses and I was done. Boom! Afterwards my skin was a bit tight and a tad red, but nothing uncomfortable or unusual. The treatment was yet again short, sweet, and relaxing.

Fourth Treatment 12/17/2015
I'm done! I finished four laser treatments! I just want to reiterate how much I love Slimming Solutions and their staff. Despite the tedious drive to Lees Summit I believe I will be back to SS sometime in the future. 4 laser treatments have really showed a lot of improvement for me. I haven't needed to do much other than occasionally trim my chin hair every full moon. I can't begin to explain how relieving it is not to have to worry about my facial hair or others perception of them. I will continue to update this post in following months with my thoughts on laser for the future. If I were to get more treatments (I probably will) I would get them closer together in the summer when I have the luxury of being in KC. Many thanks to Joi and Kim from SS.

I could go on for ages about how awesome the staff of SS is, but seriously go in for yourself. 

This post is sponsored by Slimming Solutions Med Spa - thanks for supporting me & other Kansas City bloggers! Opinions are always my own.


  1. I really liked reading your story, I also have to deal with unwanted facial hair but more as a teen. Now I feel like my makeup does a good enough job covering it up and I just hate those bad smelling creams, I feel like they make my skin dry. I'm glad you're on your way to a solution!

    1. Thanks Perla! I also feel like makeup does a good job, but I hate depending on it you know? I like to go completely natural sometimes. Ugh those creams are the worst. Take care!


  2. Thanks for sharing, I have always been curious about doing this!

    Style by Avery

  3. Thanks for sharing! Kids are such bullies!! I'm all about laser hair removal since I've been gifted with genetics from my dad side womp womp. It's definitely an investment but one I will continue to make lol.

    The Style Boro

    1. How many treatments have you had? Totally, its so nice not to have to constantly deal with it.

    2. I've had about 4 and counting - have to make a few more rounds for more permanent results.

  4. Such a great post! Thanks for sharing!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  5. This sounds interesting.
    Thanks for sharing babe
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  6. I've always wondered about laser hair removal!! Thanks for sharing your experience! Sounds painless and worth it!


  7. I've been wanting laser hair removal for ages now. I haven't heard many reviews about it so it is so nice to read about this. I'd love to have those hairs living on my upper lip, legs and underarms permanently removed!


  8. Sounds like a great laser story
    I never tried it and im asian but never bothered with excess hair lol

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  9. Thanks for sharing this!! Very helpful! xo


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