Let's Talk About Anti-Ager

February 23, 2018

When I turned 18 the first thing I did after school was buy a $2 scratcher (which I won $10 from!) and some anti-ager. Since then anti-ager has been an important part of my beauty routine. I'm not scared of aging, but I want to age gracefully like J-Lo. Although I have used many of bareMinerals products, I haven't tried any of their anti-aging products. I was so excited when they reached out to let me try products from their new line.

This line is infused with mineral gold with age defying peptides which helps promote the skin's natural collagen. Plus different vitamins and minerals to help promote a healthy look overall!
Out of the three products bareMinerals sent me I found myself almost always reaching for this one at the end of the day. The eye dropper made it so easy to just get a few drops of serum in. At first this eye dropper was not picking up enough product which frustrated me. However, once I started using this product more regularly I found the eye dropper getting enough product. I wish I would've done a four week analysis of how my fine line wrinkles looked on my forehead after using this stuff but I feel like most wouldn't have been able to notice the change. I do think after using this for a few weeks my skin has become firmer. I have gotten into a pretty strict skin care regimen of washing my skin twice followed by a night cream, serum, eye cream, and anti-ager. Similar to the other products in this line this serum has mineral gold, Vitamin A, ginseng root, cherry fruit, and calendula extract. I would definitely suggest this serum to anyone looking to casually add anti-ager into their skincare routine.
bareMinerals Ageless Genius Firming & Wrinkle Smoothing Neck Cream
To be honest I didn't even realize horizontal neck lines were a thing. Whenever I use any night routine products I always try to moisturize my neck so its getting hydrated too. Although I don't have horizontal lines I have been using this neck cream on my neck and d├ęcolletage to help prevent them. This neck cream has Edelweiss and algae extracts which reduce the horizontal lines and improve skin's elasticity. There's also jasmine and gardenia in this cream which help promote a healthy glow . This cream applies so nicely I sort of wish there was a mineral gold moisturizer to go along with this line too.  
When I think about high school I think about days that felt straight out of Heathers and the lack of sleep I'd get everyday. I used to get maybe 6 hours on average- wake up, do my makeup, go to the library to study, do school, go to work, do homework, and repeat (with lots of Starbucks and debate/extracurriculars in between). I had always tried to cope for my dark circles with concealers that claimed to have ingredients to wake up my tired eyes, but nothing did the trick. Fast forward to now where I wonder why I didn't just buy a eye cream for my designer bags? I've seen much better results from eye creams in general than makeup as I want to fix the problem rather than cover it up. Plus I'm also really god awful at baking my eyes. Similar to the rich neck cream, this eye cream is formulated similarly with mineral gold and poly peptides. Although I think I'm always going to have dark circles this eye cream (and the other three I'm currently using) have definitely helped reduce the puffiness and darkness under my eyes.

So friends, any tips on how to age gracefully?

I received these products complimentary from bareMinerals for testing purposes. All opinions are always my own.

Photos by BMB Photography


  1. I had no idea BareMinerals had skincare a line, but these do sound incredible! Your comment about JLo made me smile; I guess we all aspire to look like her in our 40s! As for the horizontal neck lines, many people are born with them (my two year old nephew has them), so it's not always an age thing - but it is a very smart idea to moisturize the area! Any serum/cream you use on your face, wear it one the neck (decolletage) too xx

    Naya // partyparrotblog.com

    1. I didn't either Naya! They have other lines too that I need to try. Haha JLo and my Mom are pretty much #goals in terms of skin. I definitely have some and when I stretch they're more noticeable so I'm getting self conscious about them although I know I shouldn't.

  2. I had no idea that BareMinerals had an anti-age range but I'm definitely interested! I've always felt that I was too young to dabble in anti-aging products but I'm certainly beginning to feel differently as I grow older!

    Musings & More

    1. Me neither, you should check them out! I love anti agers and they work as great moisturizers too.

  3. Yesss- if only we could all age like JLO! GOALS, for sure!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Just saw her on IG in Vegas yesterday #goals!


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