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November 3, 2021

I discovered Kiehl's embarrassingly late in life I think somewhere in the middle of undergrad. By the time I got to grad school I had become more familiar with the brand having tried most of their products. I realize I've only ever reviewed one Kiehls product on the blog?! So, here I am today with a full fledged review on some of my Kiehl's cornerstones.
Whenever someone asks me for a moisturizer recommendations nine times out of ten (depending on their skin type) I recommend the Ultra Facial Cream. Ricky Martin might not use this one- he uses the Super Multi-Corrective Cream with SPF, but this is a solid moisturizer. Its fragrance free, lasts all day, and helps moisturize skin with ingredients like glycerin and glacial glycoprotein. It has a nice texture and doesn't feel thick at all. The only drawback of this cream is that it doesn't have SPF in it?! However they do have an Ultra Facial Cream specifically with SPF. Say it louder in the back, all moisturizers should have SPF!

Similar to the Ultra Facial Cream this is a shine-fighting, cooling gel moisturizer. It lasts all day as well. This cream is catered to oiliness, specifically reducing pores/oiliness. While I have normal skin and don't really deal with shininess I like to use this cream in the summer. Its cooling effect is so soothing and a great start to a morning!

Eye cream is something that I've got pretty religious about in the past year. I still haven't found the right cream (I don't even know if it exists, tbh) but this is a nice eye cream and affordable $32 for 0.5 oz but I'd say to use your Beauty Insider points if you can. This eye cream has avocado oil which actually I've incorporated more into my diet recently so its kinda cool that I'm using some of it on my skin too. A little bit of this cream goes a long way. Even after a couple days of use I  noticed that my under eyes look plumper and revived. After a couple weeks I definitely see a difference. I really want to try the Dieux forever eye masks with this cream.

Anti-ager is one of those products that I get really psyched about and when I learned I got to try out a full-sized Kiehl's micro-dose serum I was HOWLING. I have been using the powerful-strength line reducing concentrate for sometime and I feel like I am finally seeing a fine line go away. Sidebar: if you see the line reducing serum at Marshalls/TJX do me a solid and buy it for me. Back to the program, this is a daily dose retinol serum that reduces wrinkles, firms skin, and evens texture. Its specifically for fine lines and wrinkles which is exactly what I need. The packaging of this product was super cute. The pharmacy bag was a fun touch. This retinol serum claims to be gentle and reduce redness. I have normal skin and no sensitivity to retinol so I can't provide any additional insight on the gentleness of this product. This product is an odd shade of yellow but besides that its creamy. A whole pump is a lot of product so I'd be easy unless you plan on using on your neck. A half pump works great for me. Something good is happening here with this serum and my fine lines! They are still there but they're not quite shouting "I'm here!" It's more of a subtle "I'm still here."

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  1. I've heard great things about Kiehl's, especially that avocado eye cream, but I've never tried anything from the brand surprisingly. It's great you have so many go-to products :)

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. I love Kiehl's!! Haven't used their stuff in awhile though. Need to get some more.

    Curated By Jennifer


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