Crazy for Cover FX

March 20, 2022

Cover FX has always been a brand I've been crazy about. As long as I've known about the brand I've  thought their ability to make beauty customizable was so rad. Plus I have always, always, always wanted to try their Custom Cover Drops. These past couple of years have really been an exploration into my melanin. I've been the tannest I've ever been which has pushed me to need different shades of foundation and concealer. However, instead of taking the plunge and buying a new bottle or product these drops were the cure to years worth of questions. Thus the exploration into Cover FX began. Also, peep my Reformation overalls in the mirror.

These drops are pure liquid pigments that blend with your products or can be worn on their own! You can create a tinted moisturizer with them, deepen or lighten foundations/concealers, or mix with body lotion for a luminizing effect. The possibilities are endless, really.

I tend to use these drops when I start getting tanner in the summer. I add a couple of drops of either G or G+ Medium 3 to my foundation and I'm able to make a customizable shade. When I first tried these drops I was a little concerned about the consistency and how they'd mix with other products, but I' was really impressed. There's no texture or consistency issue. It blends seamlessly together. I tend to apply foundation first and then blend these drops on top of them. It's interesting that with these drops there's not really a science for me. I don't use a certain number of drops although it's usually just a couple. When I start getting golden I switch over to the G+ shade which is for medium to deep olive skin.

 My only qualm with this product is the applicator. Sometimes it gets weird. Can't describe further, but it gets weird sometimes.

Nevertheless, I am a big fan of these drops. They're a blessing, truly. I no longer have to buy a summer foundation (Doesn't everyone have a summer foundation?!) and can just use these drops! Huzzah!

I have been wanting a new highlighter palette for what seems like eons, so this palette was such a treat. This trio is a pressed powder version of Cover FX's bestselling custom enhancer drops. From left to right: Candlelight, Sunlight, and Blossom. Candelight is a shimmering golden bronze, Sunlight is a glowing gold, and Blossom is a pearlescent pink. Candlelight is definitely shade out of the three. Its like a beach sunset on my face. Sunlight is a little chalkier and glittery but still pretty and wearable. Blossom straight up scares me because I tend to run from highlighter shades like these. I would definitely consider buying the Candelight custom enhancer drops. Overall a super pretty highlighter palette!

SPF 30 Booster Drops

If you know me you know I'm hardcore about sunscreen. If you open my medicine cabinet you'll see at least two different kinds plus two setting sprays with SPF, and don't even get me started on my stockpile.

These drops can be worn on their own or mixed with a moisturizer or foundation. A little goes a long way! I'm impressed at how these blend with  whatever you choose to add them too, seamless! Also, how pretty is this packaging?

There's a lot going on right now, friends. I hope you're taking care of yourselves. Keep loving + holding on.

I received these products courtesy of Hawke Media.  All opinions are always my own.



  1. yey I never heard of this brand, I definitely have to try! xx
    Maria xx

  2. I haven't heard of products like this before, such a good idea if you already have products you love that you just need to change the shade of slightly! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Hope that your week is off to a good start! :)

    Away From The Blue

  3. I've heard good things about this brand but have never tried!

    Curated by Jennifer


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