11 Years Later

September 10, 2023

A little over a 11 years ago, during a very dark place in my life I started Je M'appelle Chanel on a Macbook in my Mom's house. Originally the blog was nameless, but one day not long after I had started it I was drifting off to sleep, and it came to me, Je M'appelle Chanel.

When I first started JMC I was a moody 17 year old interested in trends that seemed to move at warp speed (and are only moving faster it seems). While I had an interest in timeless style I wasn't aware of the true cost of clothes. As I've grown alongside JMC I've learned so much. About the price and inequity in fashion, the working conditions of garment workers and the impact fashion has on our planet. 

I've shared a lot about how this knowledge has changed me on the blog. I went from a trend seeker to someone who buys clothes with a 10+ year time frame and shops on occasion. Over the years I've continued to buy less and less, holding out for pieces that make my heart stop (like this Max Mara dress) and re-wearing more. It has felt strange, as a fashion blogger to be buying less, but JMC has changed from a place of trend seeking to a space that prioritizes timeless style, style that heals the Earth, and style that makes us feel like we can take on whatever comes our way.

As I continue on with JMC I know that my purchasing behavior of buying less and less will continue, but there will still be posts, on occasion, where I share a tale on a piece I've held out for, and always my Lizzie McGuire outfit repeater and proud looks. I want to tell stories. Stories of the clothes that carried me through happiness and heart break in a way that does the clothes a justice, and is more than a mere 90-seconds.

I know that regenerative style (I'm moving away from using the term "sustainable") isn't feasible for everyone. Still, learning about natural fibers, what good quality craftsmanship looks like, and buying secondhand are solutions that can help us work towards healing our planet and creating wardrobes we don't feel "meh" about.

Je M'appelle Chanel has become so much more than just a blog. It has become a vessel for me to not just express myself but also a place for me to bloom. Thank you for still being here and watching me bloom. 

Wearing: Dress - Max Mara (sold out, but similar), Belt - Max Mara (sold out, but similar), Shoes - Harajuku Lovers  (Old, but similar), gloves - eBay (similar), lips - Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Bachelorette

Photos by Josh De Napoli


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