I Was in Love

July 19, 2013

Life has been full of: busy days, new surprises, and challenges. I have been working hard and shopping even harder. My family's study is getting filled with things for my university dorm like: a Verismo, duvet from Urban Outfitters, pajamas from J-Crew, a chalk painted table, over the door shoe hangers, giant British flag floor pillow, and even more good stuff. Needless to say I would really like to win the "Coolest Dorm Room" award...though I doubt one exists. I've been shopping for all sorts of things like my first LED Gel nail kit which I'm obsessed with- will show y'all soon, and all sorts of clothes and makeup. In other news, I went to my first bridal shower the other day and wore this lovely dress.

This happens to be one of my faves. I got it at a flea market in NY but it is also on Modcloth called the "Pup Rally Dress." It's sort of ironic because my friend whose bridal shower I went to, has two dogs just like on the dress. Personally, I really dislike dogs collectively especially hers, but I couldn't pass up this dress. I am also wearing a flower crown I got from China, Chinaglaze polish in For Audrey, and Kat Von D "Oh My Goth" lipstick. My wonderful friend Helen Peng took these gnarly photos and she is also doing freelance senior photography in KC, seriously. CHECK IT OUT CHECK IT OUT CHECK IT OUT! I will be shooting with Helen again, pretty soon (; keep following!



  1. Awww I love the dogs on the skirt part of your dress. My friend also hate dogs but I love them. It's a shame that it's insulting to be called a dog, because I think their loyalty is really admirable.
    My name's Cass and maybe I'll see you round in Gaia's blog thread?
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

    1. You are right, their loyalty is pretty incredulous ! Thanks for the comment, and yes! I am getting back into the Gaia groove! xoxo


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