February 14, 2014

Do you guys remember what I said 2014 would be the year of? Well, it's not quite the year of the horse, or the year that everyone goes to Brooklyn for Fashion Week, or even the year Leonardo DiCaprio has a shot at winning an Oscar. It's the year that I get glasses! I still remember failing an eye exam my freshman year of high school, that was traumatizing. I never really thought much about being near-sighted in my right eye, but shortly after moving to college I realized that I needed a pair of glasses especially for driving at night. So my roommate finally convinced my mom to get me an appointment. Finding a pair was impossible, probably because my standards are super high, and I couldn't find any KARL LAGERFELD GLASSES IN KANSAS CITY. SERIOUSLY. I did settle on a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs which I think make me look a bit older.

Besides my new glasses, I am obsessed with this coat c/o Trendy Blendy. It's called the Silly Wabbit Sweater Coat. One might think it's pretty different from what I typically wear, but I like it simply for that reason. My friends often make fun of me for how similar items are in my closet, but I thought I'd prove them wrong and choose something I had nothing like this time! I feel like I can fall asleep in this coat, hide away in it, among many things. It's a diverse coat because it's sort of a sweater at first glance but its also surprisingly warm with faux fur in the inside. What else? It has the cutest nerdy bunnies on it! Who could say no to those? I feel like they describes me in a way. Plus, in this snow it's nice to just grab on when I'm running late. 

Hope y'all have a lovely Valentines Day! One of my favourite bands, Tokyo Police Club, put out a Valentines Day single, give it a listen!

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