Orange Paradise

July 3, 2013

As the hot summer weather beckons big musicians to tour, it also brings me to the "great outdoors." There's something about a hot summer day and a great night with friends that makes summer all more than worth it. As I was parading through the sale section of Urban Outfitters I came across these orange floral printed jeans. Made of spandex and cotton, and a premium lightweight skinny jean. Tripp NYC Orange Paradise Flower Jeans (49.99 in case anyone wants to buy me some..) are much cooler than your average coloured jeans. They will definitely have enough stretch for John Mayer and the Killers when I see them. I'll probably dance the whole John Mayer concert. I think a white graphic tank, denim shirt, silk tank, or a blazer would be perfect to make the jeans a little more versatile for summer. Don't forget to protect yourself against the sun, and drink some coconut water!

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