February 17, 2014

{Georgia & I}
{My roses - my roommate took}

I've always had an obsession with Rachel Zoe's footwear. There's something so elegant about how she can take a traditional design and turn it into a oh-so-modern look. Not too long ago I wore the heels down of my old riding boots. They were simple, had a burnt look, and were from Target. I liked the simplicity to them. The heels being worn down was definitely an issue that I could no longer bear the burden of. Despite the constant nagging from my parents to find a new pair I refused until I found the right pair. Then I found these, Rachel Zoe Georgia boots. At first, they were completely out of my price range, but I persevered. I used an app called Hukkster to track the sales on these boots until they were at least 50% off. Buying boots for me is a life-long decision. I get really attached to some of my clothing (quite scary actually) especially my shoes. So I decided, if I was going to get a new pair they had to be Rachel Zoe. Luckily, I got a friendly e-mail reminder from Hukkster that these boots which were originally $545 were $199. I nearly screamed, I had never been so patient with a sale in my life, but it was worth the wait. When I got this lovely matte black box in the mail I probably admired it for at least 10 minutes. Then I admired the shoes for another 20 minutes before trying them on. Waiting for a sale has never been so sweet.

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  1. Love anything by Rachel Zoe, she understands fashion, styling, and lux so well. And getting a pair of fab shoes on sale, now that's a feeling I love as well.

    The Style Boro


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