March 13, 2014

I hate, hate, hate chipped nail polish. If there is one thing I cannot stand on myself and others it’s chipped nails. I totally get it. Not all of us have a personal manicurist on hand and in a society so demanding chipped nails are inevitable, right? I’d like to think I’m one of the women who tries to avoid this tragedy at all costs. Last July, I started doing my own gel nails and I’ve never looked back. I still remember the first time I got Shellac done at a salon my junior year of high school, I HATED IT. My French was too thin, and it started chipping within a week. I’m pretty sure that was the first time the lady had done it as well. Also, taking gel nails off can be the biggest pain but I’ve learned some tricks here or there. LED lamps are life changing, honestly. No chips, your nails (may or may not grow stronger and longer), and your finger nails look nice all the time.

Last time I saw my high school French teacher she was wearing this amazing shade of polish. I fell for it instantly and prayed it came in gel. It's called Peace & Love & OPI. My picture doesn't do a justice whatsoever but its a duochrome from OPI that shifts from blue to purple. I knew I had to have it. Despite the $16.50 price tag, it was worth every penny. Plus it’ll last 2+ weeks without chipping! I'm obsessed. Tell me your thoughts on gel nail polish! Why or why not?

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