February Favorites

February 9, 2016

Hello February! Hello friends! Despite this often cold, brutal Kansas weather I'm enjoying it strangely enough. I've been depending on vanilla lattes, lots of layers, Nancy Drew, and Lorelai Gilmore's mindset on "wonderful snow" to get me through this cold February.

 I have a few February favorites to share featuring the phenomenal photography of Emma York Photography as our collaboration continues. Check out our first post in our creative collaboration, here and follow Emma on Instagram here
Vintage Boyfriend Sweater
I cannot get enough of this sweater, truly. Liz bought it for me for $1 from a university clothing sale and although we cheated the dollar grab bags by peeking in most of them, oops, I'm so glad we did. I love everything about this little cropped sweater. The knit, the color, and most of all the story behind it and the lady who bought it for me. Although mine isn't exactly American Eagle's vintage boyfriend sweater it resembles it pretty closely. There are similar sweaters that resemble mine from American Eagle on Poshmark!
Alphabet Earrings 
I found these earrings at H&M and initially was hesitant as I typically don't wear earrings (the last time I wore a pair was my senior prom April 2013). However I loved the aesthetic of these earrings. The gold, the choices, and the price wasn't bad either. I love choosing my initials for the day "SK", or if I'm not having it, I wear "NO". 
Navy Wide Brimmed Hat 
My aunt Indira bought me this hat from Forever 21 a couple summers ago but it still gets plenty of use during February. The navy color is a bit unusual which is one of the reasons I love it so much. Plus the hats wide brim protects me from the snow! Fun fact: I like to approach my hats by the theory, "Would Indiana Jones wear this?" 
Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Rhubarb
I'm really loving this pigment pencil. This pencil was in my November Sephora Play box. This color is a really sweet and natural shade on me. I tend to wear really dramatic lip colors and this color feels more refined. It's a plum rose but I consider it more of a soft berry nevertheless a very universal shade for all skin tones. I highly suggest this pencil or at least trying a mini if you have extra Beauty Insider points to spend at Sephora.
I'm also loving Nate Berkus (for Target) office supplies, the 1975's song UGH, and the fact that SUITS SEASON 5 IS BACK. What are some of your current loves?
Always a big round of applause to the amazing Emma York for these photos.


  1. I need to have Lorelai's attitude towards snow too, or just winter in general! These are all fun favorites for the month--I love the alphabet earrings especially. I would have fun choosing the letters based on my mood :) Once again, gorgeous photos Sonia!

    1. I need to have Lorelei's attitude with so many things! Thanks Mme! I want to start doing favorites more often. Alphabet earrings are so fun! I wish I had double piercings to wear more letter. Thanks again Mme. Take care!

  2. You look so gorgeous in these photos! I'm kind of obsessed with all of Bite's lipcolor - it's so dangerous. Hope you're staying warm :).

    The Style Boro

    1. Awh thanks Aileen! They're awesome, huh? Leo was right when he said 2015 was the hottest year on record because our winter in Kansas has been so mild. Hope you're enjoying the start of spring!

  3. Gorgeous! You look great in a hat, and I love the lip color on you.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


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