Wearing. Mending. Doing.

March 7, 2024

Hello, beautiful people. I know the blog has been out of sight, but it's been on my mind. I've been spending less time online and well, more time, just living, which is in fact a lot these days. I've been focused less on sharing what's going on in my life and more on understanding the crisis in Gaza and sharing community resources at work which is well spent, and also takes a lot of bandwidth. Still, I'm grateful I have an opportunity to contribute meaningfully.

One outlet I've been pouring into as a form of self-care is expressing myself through my style. I've been a Lizzie McGuire outfit repeater and proud re-wearing a lot of what's in my closet and investing in a few new secondhand pieces here and there. A limited edition Bottega Jodie bag—an early birthday present and investment but it makes me so stinking happy. I also bought a Dolce & Gabbana swimsuit I've wanted since 2020. It was brand new and 74% off. While, I've only worn it once, I expect to get good use out of it this summer.

I got two pieces mended. A Patagonia Women's Nano Puff that I bought off Poshmark and between the coat + getting it patched by my tailor, it was cheaper than a new coat itself?! Pretty rad and better for the environment.

I've been wanting to wear my Hunter for Target wristlet that I've had forever, and is perfect for rain. So, I sent it over to my tailor to fix. Shout out to my tailor Alyx for fixing the zipper. Check out her site, here!

I've been doing things that actively bring me joy. Most recently visiting the Natural State with the one I love. I got to step back from the business of life, relax, explore, and see the first signs of spring—trees blooming, bright and colorful flowers coming up from the ground. It was a renewing vacation. 

Besides visiting the Natural State I've been eating a lot of gf pancakes and exercising with my neighbor and spending time with my other neighbors on Animal Crossing: New Horizons and seeing live music with my loves. Peep a pic of me before Drake last weekend. I have been wanting to get a little more dressed up for concerts this year, so, I rented a Versace slip skirt from Tulerie. It wasn't something I'd normally wear but it was fun to have a regenerative option for such a fun and fashion forward concert. Team Drizzy showed up in style! I plan to do a post about reviewing these peer to peer clothing rentals in the future so stay tuned for that.

I was listening to a webinar recently about navigating community trauma, and something that stuck out to me was the notion to resist the shame that can creep in when you are having a good time in the midst of a tragedy or trauma. It was a good reminder for me that it's okay to find something to celebrate in the midst of tragedy and trauma. One of my friends told me that, "Even when times are hard, we still need to care about and love ourselves and our loved ones" and that's something that just really stood out to me.

All my love, SK



  1. Oh I love that little gold bag, what a great gift! And it's always good when we can mend something and give it a longer life with just a little love! A great tailor is so important. When I thrift something that isn't quite right I love when my tailor can fix it up for me and make it perfect or repair a small issue.


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