20 in 2020 Recap

December 28, 2020

In the spring I decided that I was going to participate in the 20 in 2020 dressing challenge. Essentially the challenge (Created by @Dressing_dawn) involved limiting my purchases this year to no more than 20 wardrobe/fashion pieces. The main idea behind the challenge is to build accountability around the idea of owning less. So here's what I ended up buying and what I learned.
This piece was something I had wanted for a LONG time. While I really only wore it once this year it is a piece that makes me so happy and I know will get lots of wear once we can paint the town red again.
2. Soludos black leather espadrilles
Initially I bought these espadrilles to wear abroad but that trip ended up getting cancelled. Nevertheless, I actually got good wear out of these shoes. $3.10 per wear! They continue to be a stylish and comfortable option for the S/S.
This top was on my wishlist for a hot minute. Strangely it got more expensive after its run at Macy's. I didn't wear it much this year but its a fun piece I can wear year round.
Another purchase I had bought with the idea of wearing abroad, but I genuinely did want a pair of Veja's (Review here). I got some good wear out of these when I was in D.C. I'm still baffled by you sneakerheads though. How do you keep them clean/looking new?! Overall, these shoes are comfortable, stylish, and hype-worthy. I definitely will try to wear these more in '21.
A birthday present to myself in Quarantine and I'm so glad I purchased this dress. It's something I will get great wear out of someday. Plus it just makes me so happy to match with my Bitmoji!
6. Chloe Milla sunglasses
I love these sunglasses. I still remember trying them on at Nordstrom with my friend Victoria and thinking I'd kindly like these in every color. Now that I have a second pair I'm happy as a clam! Plus paying a 1/7th of the retail price for these was a no brainer.
This dress is one that I had on my radar but couldn't bite the bullet to pay full price at Target. When I saw it for $10 NWT on eBay it was meant to be. Its also nice to  have a piece that's so roomy and can be worn to just about anything.

8. John Mayer Wave Two T-shirt
Ok, I would say out of all my purchases this year this one has to be my favorite. Back in '17 John Mayer released limited shirts for two EP's that he dropped. I remember sitting in my apartment thinking how dope they were but as a disgruntled college student considering grad school I thought I'd cheap out and miss out on this $40 shirt I could find later... THREE GLORIOUS YEARS later (Life Lesson: Buy the damn shirt) I found this shirt on Poshmark for $25 and I nearly cried tears of excitement. 
9. Kate Spade Camel sweater
This sweater was once on the S/S '17 Kate Spade runway and my eyes nearly fell out of my head when I first saw it IRL at the Kate Spade store. I had been hunting for it at a reasonable price for quite sometime and found it for $36 (Originally retailing for... wait for it $328?!) This sweater is so fun and makes me so happy! Plus while its more of a spring sweater to me it definitely has holiday vibes! I wore it to a small Thanksgiving get together this year.

10. Valentino Rockstud 100 mm Leather pumps
Not sure how to justify this last purchase. I oddly have very few pairs of heels that can stand the test of time so I figured I would invest in a good pair of nude leather ones that I will love for a long time. Also my best friend is getting married and I wanted to have a pair of shoes that I love to wear with my MOH dress. Lastly, these shoes will always be remembered as my Bye, 2020 shoes.

While, I did limit the amount of clothing/accessories I purchased this year I want to disclose that I did buy 7 athletic pieces and a pair of Veja trainers. My athletic wear has always been something I've wanted to invest in, but never got around to. Over the course of the year I've walked 750+ miles so with a lot of thought and consideration I bought some secondhand pieces that I love. While I don't dabble in athleisure (I only wear athletic clothes to exercise) I have been getting a lot of wear out of these pieces since I go on a walk 6-7 times a week! It also is such a mood booster to finally have athletic wear outfits that I love from head to toe. 

What I learned:
Initially I was nervous about limiting my clothing purchases. Fashion and apparel have always been a source of joy to me. I couldn't help but wonder would limiting my purchases take the fun out of getting dressed and fashion? On the other hand, I am very aware of the environmental devastation caused due to fashion and shopping unintentionally. 

Its hard to believe that given the global state of the world that our purchasing behavior when it comes to clothes didn't change. Staying at home definitely made me talk myself out of less purchases, but this challenge was also a big push. 

When I did set my mind to 20 in 2020 limiting my purchases came easily, oddly enough. I considered every purchase I bought with a lot of intention. I purchased 95% secondhand. Taking into account how the piece will work with what I already have and how it will work with my style for the long run. Specifically, I read The Curated Closet: A Simple System during quarantine and followed a challenge in the book to make a mood board about my style. When I look at new pieces I consider how the item fits into my mood board overall. Does the item/trend fit with my silhouettes, patterns, colors, etc? If it doesn't I typically move on as I don't want to gravitate away from my core style. 

Also, I can say that everything I purchased this year brings me joy and I'm really proud of that. From my John Mayer Wave t-shirt to my Veja's. Clothing can be more joyous when its purchased with thought and intention. I promise. Limiting your purchases can be a great tool if you want to help protect Mother Earth and achieve a more sustainable style!

Truthfully, I was hesitant as a fashion blogger to how my audience would react to me buying less and re-wearing more. You guys were so supportive and I am so grateful. I haven't thought much about what challenge I will follow in 2021, but I am always committed to maintaining a more ethical and sustainable style.

At the end of the year I normally write a yearly recap with pictures, but this year I'm opting for a paragraph. Saying 2020 was rough would be an understatement. Finding the silver lining has been hard for me lately, but there are some accomplishments I've achieved this year that I'm proud of. I read 33 books, I walked 750+ miles, I strengthened a relationship with a friend who I'd lost touch with, I tried new things, and I failed at some. In 2021 I would like to read 26 books, walk 300 miles, blog more, and be more spontaneous. Here's to a New Year!


  1. You did so well exceeding the goal this year and I hope that things improve so much more in 2021 so you are able to get more wear from these pretty pieces! :)

    I found it hard picking a fashion goal for next year too - i didn't want to do my usual spend less btu I have resolved to buy less even if I don't spend less, and I'll see how I go!

    Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and you are enjoying this relaxing time between Christmas and new year :)

    Away From Blue

  2. You got some great pieces to be sure, great investments. I love Anna Sui her style is so my thing!

    Allie of

  3. Love how you purchased with intention and mostly secondhand this year, i've been doing the same and also found it to be a much joyful experience. :)

    Michelle Cheung

  4. I loved the sneakers so much! Wonderful Post! Have a great day!

  5. This is such a great idea, and something I really need to work on! (That yellow dress is beaut!) Here's hoping that 2021 will be a better one for us all, sending love <3

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  6. What a cool challenge! Thanks so much for sharing. All the pieces you did buy were great buys.


  7. Gostei bastante do artigo, muito bom mesmo! Estou amando ler seus artigos e compartilhar com os amigos!

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  8. You bought some really nice pieces. I absolutely love those Valentino shoes! Your Anna Sui top is so pretty!


  9. Sounds like you learned a lot this year. Love the roundup of all your fashion purchases too. Happy New Year!



  10. Here's to a great 2021 Sonia! I love the pieces that you got, and how thoughtful you are about what you buy--I need to be more so myself. I love those gold sneakers and that yellow dress is so pretty!

  11. It was rough but there are better and bigger things coming for all of us! Happy New Year :)


  12. Super comfortable and stunning look. Thanks for sharing such a great idea!


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  13. I love all the pieces, especially Chloe sunglasses! Happy 2021! xx
    Elegant Duchess xx

  14. I can see how happy your purchases have made you so they really were the right call! So wonderful to focus on just a few things and really appreciate them. Thanks so much for sharing xx


  15. These pictures are so beautiful. I loved!

    xx, Lizzie

  16. I've never heard of this challenge before, but it sounds so eye opening. That yellow dress is so beautiful and looks like a great piece for those warmer months xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

  17. I love the idea of this challenge. It really helps you be intentional with your purchases! That J.Crew wrap dress is such a fun piece!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  18. You're having such adorable dresses <3 Love your stylings!


  19. It is amazing that your read 33 books past year. Which one was your favorite.

    New Post - https://www.exclusivebeautydiary.com/2021/01/dior-diorshow-pumpnvolume-hd.html

  20. 2020 was SUCH A WILD RIDE, and typically not always in a good way. I'm ready for a fresh start in 2021!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  21. I adore yearly recaps like this one (and needless to say I remember reading about everything featured here back in 2020). The only fashion piece I bought last year (not including PJs) was a pair of trousers and that was in December. I am honestly shocked I did not feel the need to update my wardrobe, probably because of the situation in the World, but also because I got a chance to appreciate all of my previous purchases more. Well done, Sonia! Can't wait to see your creative content this year xx



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