Veja V-10 Review

June 15, 2020

When I was a kid I lived in sneakers. I was always running around in one pair or another. As an adult I rarely wear them?! Recently, I found myself on the prowl for a new pair of sneakers for days when I need comfier yet stylish footwear.
I first read about Veja in a Wall Street Journal article for sneakerheads touting their sustainable nature. That tidbit interested me, then I saw Ben Platt wearing them on Netflix's the Politician (which had great styling, btw) and I was sold!  I recently found this pair on Poshmark for $50 barely worn which was a steal considering they retail for $150. I washed the rubber portion, cleaned the bottoms, waterproofed the leather, washed the laces, and voila! Also, now I have a newfound respect for sneakerheads. Cleaning sneakers takes time, patience, and work!
As I mentioned earlier Veja sneakers are a cleaner sneaker made out of a mix of organic, recycled, ecological, and up-cycled materials. The V-10 pair is actually a celebration of Veja's ten year anniversary! This pair consists of organic cotton and recycled polyester, wild Amazonean rubber, up-cycled materials, and vegetable tanned leather (leather tanned with organic compounds only).
In terms of sizing I sized up to 39. I normally wear a 8.5 in Vans and 8 in Converse but my feet are pretty wide. 39 was perfect and honestly very snug! I've heard sizing can be an issue with the V-10 so check out some reviews! There is a break-in period but I didn't encounter one. Overall, I found these sneakers to be extremely comfortable and roomy.
While it was easy to bite the bullet and purchase these sustainable sneakers I'll admit that it has been harder for me to style these shoes despite how versatile they are. Veja enthusiasts are some of the most stylish sneaker wearers I've ever seen! For real check out the #veja sometime if you don't believe me! So maybe that's a reason I have been intimidated. Plus, I'm not a big sneaker + dress gal, but shorts and sneakers are a good alternate. 

I've been trying to get more wear out of this Rachel Zoe blazer too! I'm still obsessed with it, btw. Pink is one of my happy colors! If I was going out to an event I'd consider adding a fun clutch to this outfit. Maybe something with feathers?
Life has been like a ferris wheel lately more often than not. Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down. I've been spending a lot of time these past few weeks listening, confronting anti-blackness, and looking for ways to diversify my everyday life even more. If you don't follow me on Twitter already please do. This is one platform that I'm incredibly active on. Also, if you haven't already please consider donating to the BLM movement. NY Mag created a helpful list with 137 places to donate to. Additionally, here is a list of free things you can do to help the Black Lives Matter Movement. Lastly, this article by Song of Style has some good resources to educate ourselves on anti-racism.

Wearing: Blazer - Rachel Zoe (sold out, but similar), top - vintage (similar), shorts - J. Crew (sold out, but similar), sneakers - Veja, lipstick - Sephora 09 Labyrinth City

Photos by the Midwest Duo



  1. I found like exactly the same runners on this luxury site

  2. Love the blazer and shorts combo and they look like really cute shoes! Aside from converse I don't wear shoes like this a lot - the only non-Covnerse sneakers I had were a pair of old running shoes I bought to support my knee after a big accident over 10 years ago. They have come in helpful now as supportive shoes after I injured my knee again, haha. But they are very ugly - support not style. Thankfully having worn them so little over the years they are still holding up well enough for me!

    Hope that you are having a good week :)

    Away From Blue

  3. I absolutely love the way you styled this outfit! Those metallic sneakers paired with the pink blazer is so fun! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Oh I love Veja! I got a running pair a couple of years ago for a trip to Paris and when I got there I saw everyone wearing the same ones! This pair is great!! Love the metallic finish and how you styled them!

    Allie of

  5. This is such a cute outfit! I love the bright pink blazer. It is so perfect for summer! Those sustainable sneakers sound great! I love that they are in a neutral color, but they're still glam and fun


  6. This is such a beautiful look on you, Sonia! I like how you paired this slightly longer pink blazer with golden sneakers. Picture perfect! xx


  7. Hey girl hey! Looking so cute here- I'm a sucker for the way a killer pair of sneakers look with a blazer. You are rocking this look!

    I have been listening and learning so much from the BLM movement and from Black communities. I'm learning just how FAR we have to go in order to beat racism- definitely time for real change.

    Le Stylo Rouge


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