A Silk Skirt Suit for the Ages

July 7, 2024

Sometimes when you're not looking something magical falls into your lap—a job, a relationship, except in my case it was a vintage tailor made 1960s silk skirt suit, blouse, and hat.

My lovely friend Charles is always looking out for me whether it be scouting for lion rings in the Gucci Garden or crystal ashtrays while antiquing. When a fellow art director was parting ways with some of her vintage treasures, and Charles, knowing my love for timeless style, helped me adopt this lovely outfit.

The suit was worn by an art teacher named Miss Egan from her high school days. It was tailor made in Hong Kong when her dad was stationed there. She would buy Vogue and took a picture of a suit she liked and had a tailor copy the design. Miss Egan was in her forties when she gave this suit to Toni, the very stylish art director. Now, I'm the third generation to appreciate this lovely suit. Which fits perfectly I might add! I did bust the zipper when shot these pics, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It was probably bound to happen with a 60+ year old garment.

While I haven't formally worn this suit out, I can see myself wearing it to a work event or bits and pieces here and there. I plan to wear this fit when I head to Oklahoma City to see the Edith Head exhibit in September. Part of me wishes I had a pair of vintage oxford heels like a Vivienne Westwood pair or even a L.A.M.B. pair to go with this outfit, but I digress!

Pieces like these remind me that vintage pieces are testaments to a bygone era of quality and craftsmanship. While today's fast fashion churns out trends at an alarming rate, vintage speaks to a different era, one where quality, style, and a mindset of "having less" endured. These pieces reinvigorate me to take care of my things while also preparing me for the future where I might get the great honor to pass some things along to a fellow fashion lover.

Well, that's all I got for you folks! I've been reflecting on Brats, listening to Charli XCX, painting my nails in the closest OPI shade to 'Brat' green I can find, reading a lot of thrillers, cooking with my loved one, and taking long walks with my YorkiePoo! Hug a Cancer. It's their season.

Wearing: Blouse, jacket, skirt and hat are all vintage, shoes - Carrie by SJP Collection (exact)

Photos by Anubhav Visen

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  1. This is such a stylish look. I love this suit and the shoes are the perfect finishing touch.
    Julia x


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