When Life Gives You Handbags

April 25, 2019

I was at a work event the other day and stumbled onto a couch filled with vintage handbags. It was amazing how quickly I picked up this handbag and decided that it needed to be mine. I don't really find things when I go shopping that I like (sans everything at Anthropologie/J. Crew) and rarely buy them instantly. I almost forgot what retail therapy felt like. I tend to just buy a burrito from Taco Bell and relish my meal.
When I first heard Ariana Grande's anthem Seven Rings I initially thought it was just a song that was about being frivolous. Then life, work, my relationship, and life again started hitting me. I was getting tired. I know retail therapy can't solve your problems, but I can't help but wonder if every once in awhile finding something that makes you and your heart smile can be the solution and help get you out of a funk? I don't want to say that finding this purse solved all my problems, because it didn't. But for a long moment I was able to put a lot of issues I was struggling with aside, and celebrate my vintage victory.
Now when I look at this purse I think about how in hard times there is always beauty that can find way into your life. Its not everyday I find a beautiful handbag like this with a bamboo handle in impeccable condition.
Aside from drinking way too much coffee (in this case Thai iced coffee from I Am Frozen Dessert Cafe) I think spending more time with my friends discussing the real issues that keep me up at night + meditating + channeling my energy into creating content for the blog is a much more sustainable solution. So seven rings? I think just one vintage handbag and maybe a mani in a color that's making me happy is more than enough.
What do you do when life hands you limes?

Wearing: Shirt - Anthropologie (old, but similar), purse - vintage (similar), lipstick - Kat Von D Miss Argentina (old, but similar), nails - Do You Lilac It (exact)

Photos by my very sweet and talented friend Mallory Taylor. Thanks for curling my hair!



  1. I agree, that is such a beautiful bag, lucky find!


  2. I love your bag! And those coffee drinks look so good!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  3. That is such a cool find. That bag is quite the babe. I do believe small, positive changes or victories help with mood. Like when you get your hair done, you end up feeling like you can move mountains.


  4. What a great find, that's a really pretty bag and it's in such great shape too! :)

    I love a bit of retail therapy now and then, but I definitely don't get the chance to do it as often as I used to!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend! Lots of family time here as we visit some relatives :)

    Away From The Blue

  5. Ahhh what a beauty of a bag Sonia! I'm the same as you, I rarely buy something instantly as I like to take time over the decision but sometimes you just NEED to and I think you definitely made the right decision!

    Musings & More

  6. I love the idea behind this post here. It is not just the bag, but entire meaning behind it. Sometimes we just feel stuck and it is good to bring some beauty back into our lives; whether through shopping, new hobby or anything else really that injects a dose of happiness xx


  7. Love this bag and everything about this post! Some people think fashion is shallow and vain but for some of us it really does evoke emotions and a beautiful bag or dress can really make our day <3



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