Talkin bout Chi-Town

September 10, 2022

The timing of the universe is a funny thing. Sometimes you have a plan and then the plan falls entirely apart and then a better one comes together, a portal opens. My portal took me to the streets of Chicago, a place I was entirely unfamiliar with, but felt so familiar once I arrived. If you're looking for a portal check out some affordable vacation packages.  



I took the train from Kansas City to Chicago. I knew the day was going to be a good one because my lovely friend Nikhat dropped me off at the train station, I drank a warm café au lait from Parisi (My favorite), and early into the train ride I saw patches and patches of wild sunflowers.

When I got into Chicago, Steph and I had dinner at one of her favorite Thai spots, JJ Thai Street Food. I rocked this DvF wrap dress that I love so much.

Not pictured a scoop of vanilla bean honey & a scoop of coffee with cream and sugar from Jeni's.


Steph and I had a coffee at one of her haunts, Wormhole. The bees on our cups melt my heart =') Then we went to a Vintage House Chicago event at Guild Row!

Sunday was a full day!
Nothing really beats sitting at a park with your best friend, having a gf bagel, and enjoying good coffee.
I gasped when I saw this Pollock
Twelve Jackies

Starbuck Reserve on Michigan Ave

Hello Jasmine in Chinatown! Where I discovered my love for Taiwanese-style kimchi. Who knew?!


Breakfast by Chef Steph, a pit stop at Electric Mud, and more thrifting! 

Wearing Steph's sweater and clips

Celebrating our birthdays at the Girl & the Goat. One of the best dining experiences in my life, tbh. I'm still thinking about the chickpea fritters.

Cabra. Yes, I did peel a lemon.

Ended our evening at Kurumi x Care Bear. I had a luxurious scoop of lychee ice cream.


Florence + the Machine at Northerly Island. Surreal. 

The one and only Miss Flo. Sorry, Florence Pugh. Words fail when I try to describe how Florence and her music make me feel, and getting to see her with my best friend. Indescribably happy is perhaps as close as I can get.

Image via 1.


We had a final coffee at Metric. A morning filled with good energy. I was blessed with warm greetings from all living things!

On Wednesday, my yoga teacher, Angela talked about savoring the summer and I feel like she articulated exactly what I was able to do in Chicago. Savor the summer with my best friend, Steph who I am so grateful to be friends with. She makes the world a better, BRAVER, and more beautiful place just by existing in it. Truthfully, for the first time in a long time I feel revived, prepared for fall, and whatever comes my way.

To my friend Steph, thank you for taking care of me.



  1. Looks like such a fun trip and happy birthday to you and your friend! You dressed so stylishly for your travels! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. One great adventure! x
    Maria xx


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