It's a Wrap

September 19, 2019

The real question is how many blog titles can I come up with involving wrap dresses. I'm onto my 8th wrap dress and I'm here to tell you that wrap dresses are LIFE CHANGING. As I've said before wrap dresses are more than a dress. They're a symbol of empowerment, feminism, innovation, and a testament to the incredible works DVF has achieved over the course of her career. Don't believe me? DVF was recently featured in the National Portrait Gallery at the SAAM for creating the iconic wrap dress 40 years ago. In one of her interviews on the wrap dress' legacy she said, "I created it, but then it had a life of its own. It gave me my freedom, but it also gave freedom and happiness to a lot of other women."
I know wrap dresses may not seem all that and a bag of chips, ask Barbara Kavovit from RHONY (she got dissected for always wearing DVF wrap dresses) but they are!

Wrap dresses are so great because they fit all body types. From petite to curvy to even pregnant gals. Since there is a tie waist on wrap dresses they are adjustable!

For petite frames I would suggest shorter wrap dresses or ones that hit right above the knee. Some suggest staying away from prints but I think an animal print looks fabulous! Obsessed with this wrap dress from DVF rn.

Tall figures you might consider longer wrap dresses with long sleeves (I envy you), but showing off legs is always good too. This Tory Burch one is fabulous!

Curvy frames try a wrap dress with bell sleeves that hits right above the knee. I love this one from J. Crew. Or try a wrap dress with a delicate floral and with some leg reveal. Sequins and animal print like zebra or snakeskin are super chic too.
The story for me finding this dress is a rather short one. While visiting my friend Adonis in Texas he took me to the Mecca...Neiman Marcus. I saw this dress but the price tag was just too high for me at the time. I had kept looking for the style online to see if the price would ever go down, but it never did. Somehow I managed to find it on eBay for $40?! Thanks to Discover's good grades bonus I got it for $20! One thing grad school gives me!
This is such a great dress. It does day-to night so easy. Its not one I would typically pick but that's what makes it so special. It's so much more vibrant in real life. The colors just make me happy!
I paired it with this $30 Tory Burch purse I bought off Poshmark! As I preached about in my last post, Poshmark is seriously the best friends! You can get great designer pieces for so cheap!
So friends, are you sick of me wrapping about the wrap dress or are you finally going to find your own moon prism power wrap dress? Hope everyone is having a good week. I am having coffee with a friend this weekend and seeing Hustlers with my best friend! Talk soon.

Wearing: Dress - Diane von Furstenberg (sold out, but similar), shoes - Harajuku Lovers (sold out, but similar), purse - Tory Burch Amanda Logo Clutch (similar), lipstick - Sephora Collection Lip Stories in #9 Labyrinth City

Photos by Brooke Billings



  1. What a beautiful wrap dress! I love the shimmer to it, it really is a stunning piece and looks a lot more expensive than what you paid for it, what a bargain!

    I agree with you, wrap dresses are the best too! I have some I regularly wear to the office :)

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  2. Always love stripes!


  3. These photos are gorgeous, Sonia! I'm totally with you on your love affair with wrap dresses, they are so flattering and pretty versatile too! Problem is, I just need to locate some good ones! And er, make some space in my wardrobe...

    Musings & More

  4. I'm hearing what your saying... I need a wrap dress! Gorgeous look xx

  5. That dress is beautiful and you're totally right about them being right for so many body types. I'm short and don't always look great in dresses but wrap dresses always hug me in the right places. You look gorgeous in these photos!

    My Lovelier Days


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