Going Green

September 14, 2019

I've been trying to complete the color rainbow in my dress collection lately. Besides yellow, green has been the hardest to find. I had been inspired by this picture of Audrey Hepburn promoting the film Funny Face (which is arguably the best AH film if you ask me). Tippi Hendren's green suit in The Birds  is also another close source of inspiration. Nevertheless, finding a green dress of that caliber and one that could function for work events, weddings, and life wasn't an easy task.
I managed to find this Collette Dinnigan dress on Poshmark for $28 ($168 originally) but was apprehensive. Despite shopping re-sale so much, I still get a little nervous from time to time when I can't try things on. Looking up reviews online and reaching out to bloggers who have worn these pieces is a great resource to get over these reservations.

When I finally bit the bullet and purchased this dress I was so amazed at how vibrant and classic the silhouette was. I know, I know another pseudo-wrap-dress! But in my defense its a classic style and one that I will re-wear.

Green works well with eggplant, black, taupe, white, navy, and mustard. To stay on the safe side I would pair this dress with black or taupe. If I wanted to be super bold I'd opt for some mustard heels or wedges.
Something I'm really proud to say about this outfit is that not only did I find the right shade of green, but this outfit is completely green (eco-friendly)! Both the dress and these heels were purchased secondhand. I purchased both of these items from Poshmark. Poshmark is an app/website I swear by, where people can buy and sell clothing, shoes, makeup, etc! I have been using Poshmark since 2014 and it has become my best kept secret. I think a lot of people have this misconstrued idea that buying secondhand clothing is weird, but its the complete opposite. Its how I shop 95% of the time and its so much better for the planet and my wallet.
Besides reading my management 706 textbook, September has been a productive month. I saw two concerts (John Mayer and Kacey Musgraves), volunteered last weekend, and even saw IT Chapter 2 (never again). Yesterday my friend Mallory and I went to a vintage clothing sale in the Crossroads. We also tried the butterscotch dipped cones from Dairy Queen, which are Earth shattering! Stay tuned friends, I have lots of content coming to the blog soon.

What do you think? Are you a fan of green?

Wearing: Dress - Anthropologie (old, but similar), shoes - Jessica Simpson (exact)

Photos by Brooke Billings



  1. That dress is so good on you - worth the hunting it took to find it I think! I've been trying to add little bits of green to my wardrobe lately, it's a colour I've struggled with in the past but I'm trying to be more colourful with my outfits! :)

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  2. This dress is beautiful. I love the color and the style. Your nude heels look cute and the length of this dress is really perfect. You look fabulous.
    Have a happy Monday.

  3. This dress suits you beautifully. Green is such a lovely colour.


  4. Green is your colour!! I wish I could pull off this beautiful dress.

    Stephanie Vainer | a learning story blog

  5. $28 from $168? Nice! Score for one sharp fashionista. I can see why love it, and it looks amazing on you.

    Allie of

  6. You look gorgeous in this green dress! :)
    Have a nice day dear!


  7. Gorgeous in green, girlfriend! And I've been seeing triple platform pumps sprinkled here and there- I have a pair I saved from their last resurgence when I was in college, I think it's time to bring 'em out of retirement!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. Such a great color on you!


  9. This colour looks amazing on you, hun!


  10. Absolutely stunning! That green dress is so prefect on you.

    Gemma x

  11. What an absolutely beautiful sight. This dress was seriously made for you and the shade of green is perfect. I love green! But I don't really have anything green in my wardrobe. I need to go out and see what's currently out in stores xx



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