Cheddar's Chicken & Waffles

May 27, 2019

When I think of chicken and waffles I think of my best friend Liz. Anytime chicken and waffles is on a menu Liz always orders it. Surprisingly I've never actually tried the soul food tradition. When Cheddar's invited me to try this iconic dish I was game and especially if I got to experience it with my best friend! I love that Cheddar's is a place where I can be together with my blog and my friends. These days I'm so grateful when it all comes together.
We started off dinner with a Mango Iced Tea and a Spicy Mango Mojito. Liz loves mojitos so I made her order one! Both of our drinks were great. Who doesn't love mango flavor for the summer?
Of course a trip to Cheddar's isn't the same without onion rings. Best paired with ranch and lots of laughs.
To be completely honest I had been looking forward to trying chicken and waffles at Cheddar's for a couple of weeks. Now you see why! For $8.99 you get three waffles and four chicken tenders. I went into this dish with the mindset that I was all in. I love a good salty and sweet pairing and this dish epitomizes it. I can't believe I've never tried chicken and waffles before, clearly I haven't been living. I love the salty/crunchiness of the hand-breaded chicken with the sweetness of the waffles. I will say that this dish is super filling and if you want to make it two meals you totally can! I thought I was going to be able to finish it at the restaurant but ended up having leftovers the next day (which were still amazing).
If you know me you know that dessert is the most important part of my meal so we had to have something sweet! I had always wanted to try the mini cakes at Cheddar's. Liz tried the chocolate raspberry mini cake and I tried the Painkiller mini cake. Its a coconut cake with Pusser's Rum-Butter sauce. I've tried almost all the desserts at Cheddar's and the Painkiller has to be my favorite. Coconut + rum sauce + whipped cream = heaven

From the general manager to our server everyone was so kind. Always grateful for such excellent service. Friends you must try the chicken and waffles from Cheddar's and for $8.99 its a steal! 

This post is sponsored by Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen. All opinions are always my own.


  1. Love waffles so much and these drinks look awesome!

  2. Oh yum, the food looks great! I've never tried chicken and waffles before but this looks tasty! :)

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend :) We spent most of ours at home, just relaxing!

    Away From Blue

  3. Oooh wow, this really made me crave! I love chicken and waffles!

    The Flower Duet

  4. These look delicious

    Candice x

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  5. Wow, those desserts!
    Mónica Sors

  6. Chicken and waffles is SUCH a jam! This all looks amazing!

    Le Stylo Rouge


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