Dressing like a Gen Z

June 4, 2022

I'm obsessed with Gen Z. From their style to their march-to-a-beat-of-their-own-drum-kinda-attitude, there's something about this cohort that's special. I'm especially obsessed with their style. I love that they have found a way to balance comfort and uniqueness vis-à-vis different silhouettes that us millennials tend to stray away from.

I've been taking a lot of inspiration from this cohort lately. Wearing things that perhaps aren't inherently so Chanel, like these flared pants. Also, I've worn Converse more this past year and a half than I have since I was in middle school?! Embracing uniqueness, prioritizing comfort, and embracing mold breaking silhouettes! That's Gen Z style!

So what's apart of my Gen Z inspired wardrobe right now? Well, everything in this look. Flared pants, Converse Run Star Hikes, a fanny pack, cut out tanks/spaghetti strap tanks.

If you don't have a fanny pack I would recommend, this Patagonia one. It holds all the essentials and is great for walks or the days when you just want to be hands free.

My body was under a lot of stress in Q1 (I've seen a change for the better as we near the end of Q2) choosing clothes that prioritize comfort has been a great form of self-care. I feel like my style has been changing lately. It's something that kind of shocks and excites me. Sometimes you think you know yourself and then you learn a little bit more.

I feel more at peace these days. I've been volunteering at an apiary and working with the bees. I am learning so much about presence from them. I've been enjoying this shade of green nail polish and I bought a piece of art that I think will actually improve my quality of life.

Also, this photography may seem familiar to some of my long-time blog readers. My dear friend, Brenna actually took these photos. You may remember some of her work on the blog. Over the past year I have been so fortunate to reconnect with Brenna as she's moved back home to KC. I feel so seen by you, Brenna.

Photos by BMB Photography

Wearing: Top - Alice & Olivia (exact), pants - Lululemon (sold out, but exact), shoes - Converse, fanny pack - Patagonia (exact), nails - OPI Taupeless Beach



  1. I've been loving converse a lot lately too! I think I just have a lot more of a casual style now than I did pre-pandemic, and Chucks are perfect for that! I haven't jumped back on the flared pants wagon yet but these look so good on you!

    Hope you had a good weekend! It was a fun one here with a birthday party each day!

    Away From The Blue


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