August 23, 2013

Today is my last day in KC, and I feel pretty bittersweet about it. On one hand I have been anxiously waiting for college since my first day of senior year, and on another I am having mixed feelings about leaving. Yesterday I said goodbye to a job I had been at for 3 & 1/2 years, like WHAT? I'm surprised I didn't cry with the amount of goodbyes I said.

 I spent my last day running around doing errands and stopped by my favourite salon ever Paisley & Stripe to get a fresh look for school tomorrow. I wanted to try something that I've never done before so I showed Alex a bunch of inspiration pictures, and we decided on a more straightforward long look with one set length, more manageable layers, and why the hell not a middle part option. I had a great time laughing with everyone at P&S and it was pretty sad to give Alex a hug and say goodbye to the salon until Christmas. I was set on wearing all black today (as usual) but since it's 90 degrees I wore a blouse from a thrift shop, skirt from Love Culture, Steve Madden sandals, and I have For Audrey by Chinaglaze on my toes. Most of my clothes are jam packed into two huge boxes it's quite depressing actually. On a good note, I bought a sick pair of Tommy Hilfiger loafers. (Never thought I'd say that) Wish me luck! 


  1. Hey girl,

    Are those Bogatte sunnies? If they are I want to repost!



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