August 14, 2013

Is it crazy that it's the middle of August already? I move into my dorm a week from now and I have practically rounded everything up I need to make my dorm "livable." Which means making it as personalized as possible. All around this summer has been way too good to me and I am sad to see it ending soon. On the other hand, like most fall lovers I am sick of wearing shorts and want to wear a coat again. Which is why I insist on wearing jeans all the time now. Last week my dear friend Katie from Bello Foto took some shots of me again =) We spent the afternoon thrift shopping while Katie sang me the Dream Girls Soundtrack (on key of course), we rated clothes based on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and I laughed at her silliness. We also grabbed some cheesecake and I ventured to try Dulce de Leche. Wasn't quite up my alley but hey I'm all for trying new things. 

I decided to wear a sheer black blouse from Forever 21 that is sort of hi-lo with jeans from Urban Outfitters, Steve Madden flats, my calculator watch from Target, and a flamingo fedora from Aldo. I ran into this hat, and intentionally thought I didn't need it, but I went back for it because I couldn't bear regretting not getting it. I am going to Florida in a little less than a month and I desperately wanted a hat to rock everywhere. After sorting through many flea market booths in NYC and finding nothing this hat was a good pick me up. I highly suggest finding a hat that encompasses you for summer. For me a backwards fedora with flamingos compliments me pretty well. It was 90 degrees outside when Katie and I shot, the summer makes it very hard to be goth, but I do what I can. Thinking of goth probz if I had a book I'd probably title it, "It's Hard to Be Goth in the Summer." Thanks again to Katie for taking these gnar shots! Can't believe the next time I'll be seeing her is during Thanksgiving hopefully! My nails are Orly Smart Gels in Haute Red. I'm on that gel nail lifestyle flow now.

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