Florida Sun

September 9, 2013

I'm back from my Destin vacation! The few days I stayed went by way too fast with people I love way too much. I did enjoy my away time from university, but truth be told I missed my roommate dearly. I went to Destin, Florida with my best friend Abbey for her sister Beth's wedding. Which happened to be right on the beach. When we arrived I was in awe upon seeing palm trees galore. NYC doesn't have them?! The first thing I did in FL, was get my first pedicure- a little overhyped to me, but I did enjoy it. I was set on a cheeto orange and chose Color Club's, "Psychadelic Scene." We spent the few days shopping at an incredible outlet mall, spending time with family and friends, exploring the beach, screaming at lizards, and setting up for a beautiful beach wedding. I captured most of the moments on my Nikon and only took a few pictures for myself, surprisingly! I wore a Pink Punch dress by Milly to the wedding which I found perfectly suitable for the tropical paradise I was in. I'm happy to be back at school because there aren't hundreds of lizards wandering around outside, but I do miss the Florida sun.
{San Gelato Cafè in Destin}
{Caffe Latte & Mocha Gelato}
{And the arms of the ocean are carrying me, And all this devotion was rushing over}
{A seven year old took this photo, and I almost caught the bouquet but got it snatched out of my hands}
{The beautiful bride & I}
{My Cheeto toes}


  1. This has me envying Floridians abundance of sun!

    Desirée | www.fashionlingual.com

    1. Thanks Desiree. Awh me too. I miss Florida all the time.


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