Wake Me Up When September Ends

September 22, 2013

Since my favourite time of year, Autumn, is just around the corner, I decided to wear an old thrifted blouse before I lost the crisp warmth of September. 
I paired the top (which is one of my favourites) with a black pencil skirt from H&M since the blouse is quite short on its own. Guess where I got my shoes and hat from? Did you guess? Target! Since Target is really the only thing that's in my budget right now, I've been buying up all their black accessories. I found this awesome Indiana Jones-esque hat, and I couldn't say no to these closed toe wedges. This outfit brings out my inner hippie, don't you think?
On another note, I feel like I'm still getting accustomed to university life each and every day. Though I'm loving every minute of it, there are times when I yearn for the comfortable past. To be honest, I miss certain people like: my high school French teacher, old photography loving pals, H&M, and most importantly my best friends. Luckily when a door closes a window opens. Moving and living in a new city has made me more adventurous not just with fashion, but with friends and life. I recently started going to an incredible house church where I have met some of the best and coolest people. 
One of those incredible people is: Alyssa from Alyssa Marie Photography. Her photographs are almost as rad as she is. I'm so lucky to consider her a friend, she is so talented. Seriously, these photos are gnarly. Thank you so much Alyssa! 


  1. Ooh I love that loose top! Great photography by the way :)

    Style Vancity

  2. Dayumn girl you looking fierce & Alyssa did an amazing job!! I would seriously consider this a fall "uniform."

    Sex w. Candy

  3. Spending some time on A Friday night surfing the 'net and I came across this. Tu me Manques Aussie! Rends-moi visite apr├Ęs les examines finaux!!


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