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October 4, 2013

Do you ever feel like you truly know someone even though you've never really met them before?

Well, I sure have. I've been following Cori Black on Instagram for as long as I can remember. She happens to be part of the 28 people I follow. Atypical from most, I don't follow hundreds of people on Instagram, because I like a good selection of photos and people that I'm interested in. Cori's feed is full of cute pictures of: her boyfriend Sam and her, fascinating claw nail art, her ever changing red hair, great bands, her pups, and Michael Kors' bags which are subtly strewn in many of her photos. I originally started following Cori because she's got great style. She always has the perfect equation to how much black should be worn in an outfit. I would really love to raid her closet, not going to lie. Cori and I did a little interview, below. She also has a blog! You should definitely check it out, it's called, "Does it Come in Black?" I love it already.

Currently I am an administrative assistant at an Electrical Contractors office, sounds not-so-glamorous right? I worked in retail for over five years and wanted to try out having a set schedule and weekends off, holidays too!

Where she lurks
Central Jersey

Favourite stores/labels?
I'm a sucker for Michael Kors & Jeffrey Campbell, I just can't get enough. As for my less realistic favorites of course there's Chanel, Louis Vuitton & Celine. My go-to store is always Tobi, they never disappoint and I do have a tendency to place several orders a week.   

 Favourite Starbucks drink?
Toffee nut & white mocha frap. Mixing any flavor with white mocha makes it so much better!

Currently Coveting?
I think my list of wants is taller than I am! I've had my eye on the Sam Edelman "Keegan" bootie for a few weeks now as well as a Rebecca Minkoff bag, still deciding which one though, can't I just have them all? I also have my eye on the small leopard print Michael Kors cross body bag as well as a few others.

Current inspiration?
 I've been obsessing over booties lately, the shoes, of course. I love how every designer/store has something different whether it be the shape, heel height, color, pattern or embellishment. When I look through them I can instantly think of a perfect outfit for each of them and they're all completely different from one another.

All photos c/o Cori

Check out Cori's feed on Instagram: @CoriBetch

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