M.I.A. X Versus Versace

October 17, 2013

I would certainly cite M.I.A. as one of my top fashion and style icons. The way she manages to just get out of bed and instantly have an effortless cool vibe to her fascinates me. Speaking of her, have you listened to her music? Genius. When I heard Donatella Versace had approached M.I.A. on creating a collaboration I nearly shrieked. Versace Versace Versace This Versus collaboration was based off of knock-offs, so essentially knocking off, knock off designs, if that makes sense? All of the patterns remind me of M.I.A.'s latest single Bring the Noize's album artwork. Plus, the patterns remind me of things my brother brought me back from India last Christmas, mixed with original Versace shapes. Some of these pieces are a little too loud for me, but hey if you have £130 laying around, I wouldn't mind a dress or two.

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