Tweed & Pumpkins

October 28, 2013

Man, I have been really bad at blogging lately. I promise my outfits have been on point, but to be honest I just need to stop making excuses. So first goal, is to stop making excuses and my second goal is to post more. 

I was originally enrolled in 15 hours but last week my quarter classes which added up to 4 hours were finished, so now I'm in a more manageable 11 hours. I think that since I've officially got my first semester flow down, I'll be more frequent on here.  These past weekends I have been really experiencing October. Time was spent: catching up on TV shows, redoing my gel nails, getting coffee, going to Halloween parties, and watching my fair share of Halloween movies. I really love October and can't believe it's almost over! On the other hand, I found this tweed jacket ages ago, I had eyed it for full price at Marshalls but it wasn't a necessity. Once it hit the sale rack I swear I could hear Coco Chanel persuading me on all the reasons that I needed it. I believe tweed jackets are classic but so hard to incorporate nowadays, but it is doable! Collared shirt is J-Crew, jeans Bullhead, and my loafers are Tommy Hilfiger ^_^ These loafers are my faves! Ciao!

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