November 7, 2013

 My lady Alyssa from Alyssa Marie Photography had some time to take some photos for JMC the other day!
I am wearing: Tiger t-shirt from Express, Hollister jeans, flats from Love Culture, hat from H&M, and my rings are also from H&M. I am obsessed with these flats, my friend Cori from Does It Come in Black? had a pair, and I needed them as well. They are the perfect punk-rock-chic combination that I desire. The only downside about them is that they are so trendy you have to tone your outfit down a bit. Or you can go all out, there's not much of an in-between. I am wearing What a Surprise by Red Carpet Manicure on my nails. My friends and I are doing karaoke tonight, and I'm awfully excited!


  1. Those flats are so amazing! But I'm really digging those bright nails. I've never heard of Red Carpet Manicure before so definitely checking them out this weekend.

    Have fun at karaoke :)

    Sex w. Candy

    1. Thanks Aileen! Red Carpet Manicure is a gel nail company, so great.


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