June 16, 2014

{I made a GIF!}

Summer has been killin' it for me! I've been loving these past few rainy days among the notably hot days. Life has been been super busy with: friends, my internship at Deux Hommes, making hella' drinks at Starbucks, and struggling through microeconomics. I guess I'm not complaining minus the last part, micro is the worst.

Last week my fabulous friend Katie Campbell (who has also been killing it at College Fashionista took some pictures of me wearing my favourite new dress. When I got home from college I was so stressed out upon not having ample space in my closet. So I decided to give in and sell a few pieces of mine on Vinted. Thus far it has been pretty successful! You have the option to swap or sell and I've been swapping a whole lot! Oops! Do you want to know what I swapped for this Anna Sui dress? A gold clutch I used once for prom last year! Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Well I am wearing an Anna Sui dress, my beloved silver birkenstocks, and Sephora's "Escape to Rio" lipstick in Neon Rouge Bikini (I'm obsessed). Hope summer is treating all of you! What are you spending your summer doing? I found out pretty recently I'll be going back home to NYC for a week and spending some time in the Poconos!
{Always wearing these birkenstocks, yes}

Photos C/O Katherine Campbell Photography


  1. You look so adorable in that dress! I love your blog. Lets meet up this summer!

    1. Awh thank you Sunny! We should, it's been so long since I've seen you! Text me!

  2. What a lovely outfit! It looks like you had a fun time taking those pictures! I really enjoy reading your blog!! <3
    I'm following you on Google+

    Classy and Trendy

    1. Thank you so much Beatriz, I enjoy yours bunches as well! Following you back (; Have a lovely day!


  3. Such a cute gif and adorable dress. That's so awesome that you're trading pieces!!

    xx 365hangers

  4. That dress is too cute and loving your gif! So perfect!

    <3 Shannon

  5. Love these snaps! Gotta say that gif is my favorite :) And if you're headed into NYC just email me for a blogger meet up @ Not sure if you meant you're a sbux barista, but I was once too so I know how the rise and grind goes.

    The Style Boro

  6. Cute dress :) M&MFASHIONBITES

  7. such a cute look! love the gif too :)

    from helen at

  8. Super cool outfit and very nice post
    Great pics too anyway :)


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