Le Tote Pt. 1

January 8, 2014

2014 is here, and I am so excited to be back in action! Remember when I told y'all that I have a really bad obsession with Parks & Recreation? Well if you never knew, I am huge fan of Aziz Ansari which can be a terrible thing. I managed to watch 99 episodes within 3 weeks (all six seasons). Scary. My favorite character has to be Aziz's character Tom Haverford, and a close second his ex-business partner Jean Ralphio. Tom is always coming up with strange high end business ventures, but his best  has to be his store called Rent-A-Swag. Essentially, he sells his very high end clothes to middle schoolers, and teenagers who can rent the clothes for a short amount of time or for special occasions. Pretty much Rent the Runway for middle school boys. 

Turns out there is something similar in real life too! Go Tom! I found about LeTote recently, when a blogger I really admire, Sharena, from Fashion of a Novice posted a few outfits with items from their site. I decided to check them out and do some investigating. LeTote uses the tag, "Netflix for clothes", and that is essentially what it is. I got a boutique box c/o LeTote. Which is $49 a month, it comes with 3 garments, and 2 accsessories. ($200+ value!) To sweeten the deal up even  more you pick out of a giant selection of clothes you like, and stylists select out of your closet! What else? You can return the garments or keep them as quickly or long as you'd like!  You can also purchase any piece for a cheaper rate if you don't want to part with it! Oh, and return shipping is free! I love Letote, I never have to wear the same thing twice!

It was freezing outside today, but still I had way too much fun in the snow! I am wearing a sweater from Hollister, leather jacket from Aero, UK Tower Bridge Skirt c/o LeTote, wedges from Target, and Majestic Crystal Necklace c/o LeTote

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