Bib + Tuck

November 27, 2013

The "holidaze" as I call them seem to bring out my inner 2 broke girl. I always find myself avoiding shopping when I'm back home in Kansas City. With the upcoming holidaze season approaching more quickly then I expected I need to fill the major shopping void in my life. I was reading In Style a few days ago and found a gnarly article on places to sort of "thrift." One of the websites I found to be especially interesting was Essentially Bib + Tuck is a giant compilation of others wardrobes ranging from all sorts of prices and pieces.  You can "bib" your own items which means put your items up, and "tuck" others which mean purchase. You can also sell pretty much whatever you want that you don't need which is nice, and as a seller shipping is included! The only downside is that you get "bucks" which can only be used on the site towards "tucking" items. Luckily, from what I've seen there are plenty of people with stylish items from all sorts of designers and brands. You can check out/shop my page here!  OH ONE LAST THING! You need a code to sign up, I used "noodles."


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