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January 13, 2015

The hard part about college and often life is that you have to say goodbye to those you love most. However there is almost always an upside to goodbyes. For me the upside is traveling, and seeing the incredible places the world has to offer with the ones whom I love most.
No one mentally prepares you for saying goodbye to your best friends before you leave for college.  If there is a book I could recommend I certainly would, but I just read the Dorm Room Diet by Daphne Oz...Truth be told it's pretty hard to say goodbyes to people who make your life brighter and bolder (Which I'm sure many of you know too well, I certainly do). Luckily I am a firm believer in the saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" (Cliche, but definitely true). I spent the past few days in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania specifically at the University of Pittsburgh with one of my best pals Stephanie. Seeing Stephanie's integration and college life in this fascinating and diverse town has been such a blessing. Although her Christmas break was short, I got to start my 2015 with a new location and one of the best people I truly know.
Postcards/ Carnegie Museum of Art & Natural History/ Cathedral of Learning/ A Real Warhol!/ Decorative Art & Design/ Stephanie in Starbucks/ Hello Bistro Salad/ Austrian Room @ the Cathedral of Learning/ Me in the Austrian Room/ Waffallonia <3/ Crazy Mocha/ Steph in Crazy Mocha/ PPG Place/ Andy Warhol Bridge/ Me at the bridge/ Artsty photo of Steph at the Bridge/ Artsy photo of me/ Necessary Selfie/ Neutral Milk Hotel Quote/ Mick Jagger Screen Print Made at the Warhol Museum/ Me @ Mt. Washington/ Steph & I @ Mt. Washington/ Nicky's Thai Kitchen/ My First Pad Thai!/ Schenley Park Bridge/ Phipps Conservatory/ Steph & I @ Phipps

We did so much in Pittsburgh. Ventured out into new places, saw incredible art museums, ate at great restaurants, screamed at each other while playing Mario Kart 8, and endured the brutal Pittsburgh weather together. My photo diary skills are still getting there, how did I do? Fortunately I was introduced to the beautiful Sanjana Dayananda who took some insanely stellar photos of me at the Carnegie Museum of Art & Natural History in some of my favourite spots. Pittsburgh was such a treat I cannot wait to visit again!


  1. Luckily for me, college doesn't mean saying goodbye to my loved ones, because I live half an hour away from my college, but if I had to move somewhere further because of school, I don't think I'd take that very well. I love these photos, by the way. You look great!


  2. Gorgeous photos at the museum! That sounds like a fun time, I'm glad you got to visit. You're right, it's never easy to be far away from friends that you love. But this sounds like an awesome opportunity to visit a cool city!

  3. Lovely photography of lots of really cool things :) X


  4. Lovely post and photography, very interesting and I also love your outfit x

  5. Some amazing art! But I really love your outfit, I mean that vest is so freaking cute!



  6. It's funny that. I miss school and going to it and stuff. As you get older people drift apart and paths lead you elsewhere. I wish I had made more of an effort or said proper farewells when I left school. But back then you think you're all going to stay friends forever right?!


  7. I do agree. I think Andrew McCarthy's character in St. Elmo's Fire said it best when he had a line that said, "I thought we'd be friends forever, but forever got a whole lot shorter." I think we slowly learn that we're naive in believing we can maintain relationships with all these acquaintances, we always know who we're closest too, right?

  8. These pictures are to die for! In love with your black and white look too!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  9. Such a perfect the combo and your styling...xoxo

  10. I am loving your blog. And of course those Hello Kitty earmuffs are just perfect. Pittsburgh is such a great city. I was born there and still have family there. Although, I tend to visit in the summer. LOL Toooooo cold in January. Looks like you had a fabulous time!

  11. love the outfit and that museum is such a cool place to take style snapshots!

    ~Merrie K.

  12. Loving all of these photos so much!! Seriously perfect and your photo diary skills are pretty on par as far as we're concerned!

    xx 365Hangers

  13. YOu look so adorable amid that great artwork!!!


  14. These are such great photos. I love it when art and fashion combine.

    Jessica |

  15. Where you able to check out the Warhol musuem?! He's one of my favorites.

    Love the photo diary, I think you did great and if you stay in touch you'll never have to say goodbye.

    The Style Boro

    1. I did! It was incredible, I loved every moment there. The bridge was so cool too. Thanks love <3 That's very true!


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