Street Style Crush

January 31, 2014

Ever since I've gone back to university the weather really hasn't allowed me to do any outfit posts. It's either freezing and the wind knocks over my tripod or some other excuse. I cannot wait for this terrible weather to go away. In other news I've really been focusing on my internship with College Fashionista. In case y'all forgot, I am a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and I post men's street style on my page.

This internship has really brought out the worst in me, in good ways of course. My stalking skills have gotten spectacularly better. Nancy Drew would be so proud. I also find myself ditching my friends and doing 360's to catch someone's outfit before they hurry and run away from me forever. For instance, I've been stalking this guy since I first spotted him on Tuesday while I was walking to my public speaking class. I was rushing so I wouldn't be late but then out of nowhere BOOM! There he was! All in black with a Givenchy Rottweiler tote bag. I am obsessed with this guys edgy casual style.
You can read more of my street style posts here, and find out how I actually tracked down this guy!

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