August Beauty Favorites

August 5, 2019

Hi friends! With the Kansas City heat being a million degrees my ideal makeup routine is just sunscreen and moisturizer. Honestly Coola's Mineral Sun Silk Organic Sunscreen is everything I swear. Nevertheless, in true Chanel fashion my beauty routine is followed by a few other products and then I somehow have a full face on. How did that happen? Here's a few beauty products I'm excited about right now!
I've always been pretty serious about moisturizer but this night cream takes some of the edge off. I love this hilarious but spot on packaging. Plus this creamy smooth night cream isn't too shabby either. I feel like this is one of those creams that not only feels luxurious but also does its job. I wake up in the morning and my skin looks rejuvenated and doesn't feel the slightest bit dry.

I've needed eye cream for so long and I love this little Skyn Iceland tube. The applicator gives you just enough product when you turn the cap so you can kind of portion out how much you really need. I have a tendency to go kind of nuts with eye cream. I have a kinda love hate relationship with the pen but I definitely like that its more travel friendly.

This is seriously my favorite KVD shade its so stinking pretty. Its a cool berry inspired by the lip shade that Miss Argentina in Beetlejuice wore?!

When I found this ELL at Marshalls for half the price I nearly screamed!
As a RHOBH fan this palette was a must! It's inspired by the Housewives star and pop-star Erika Jayne. I was a little nervous about all the pinks and glitter but this palette is so versatile! Plus the browns remind me of old OG KVD palettes which is actually pretty hard. I have really been loving this palette tbh.

Besides these beauty faves I'm also loving Guava White Tea Lemonades from Starbucks, SUITS SEASON 9?! with the return of Patrick J. Adams, and Pearson the new Suits spin-off. I am also loving that I almost finished with summer classes! I am going on vacation with my family next week and am actually planning on doing a post. Stay golden friends!

I received these products courtesy of Skyn Iceland. All opinions are always my own.

Photos by my friend Mallory Taylor.


  1. They sound like great products! I always go overboard with eye creams too, haha! the little sample sizes never last long, but I figure it's often a long time between me getting samples so I have to make up for it, haha!

    Enjoy your summer trip!

    Hope that your week is off to a great start! :)

    Away From Blue

  2. These all sound great! I haven't tried any of these! Have fun on your trip.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  3. All these products look amazing! Hope you have an amazing vacation and the rest of your year goes well too <3

  4. I keep seeing Skyn online, but have never tried it. Glad that the night cream worked so well for you! xx


  5. Haha that packaging is funny! It sounds like a great night cream though. And the palette. pink and glitter? But it came out great.

    Allie of


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