On Mending a ...w/ Alyx Jacobs

March 19, 2023

Perhaps you were looking for a post on mending a broken heart in which case I have no answers for you because that's hard. Today's post is on mending a different kind of broken heart. I don't know about you but there's a certain kind of sadness I feel when I hear a seam pop.

We all have attachment to our clothes. If you're like me you may have an excessive attachment to clothes. Often thinking about life through what you wore. So when something gets damaged (a rip, snag, broken zipper, hole) your heart breaks a little especially when you find you have a rip in your lucky dress (Technically Rory's but I've reclaimed it).

You all know I'm a big believer in repairing/reinvesting in my clothes. I'm committed to getting the most use possible out of a garment by wearing it often, taking care of it,  repairing it and eventually passing it on when it's time. I've mended my clothes over the years (with a lot of assistance from my mom), but with my lucky dress this hole was something I couldn't tackle by myself. 

Cue in fate bringing Alyx Jacobs into my orbit. Alyx is a true renaissance woman. Maker, art director, mender, quilter, and dexter. So, I reached out to her and got on her wait list. I went through my closet and gathered some clothes I've mended (unsuccessfully) over the years and a couple pieces that needed repair.

An American Apparel tissue turtleneck that I love.

A pair of Lululemon shorts that I bought secondhand when I first started grad school.

My lucky dress

Not pictured: A pair of J.Crew shorts I love that needed a new zipper

I heard back from Alyx and dropped my items off for repair. I wish I could describe how tender it felt to open my bag of repaired clothes. So much love was put into stitching up the holes and even redying fabric to fix my lucky dress. I wish you could see my turtleneck up close and examine the delicate little stitching that will leave my shoulder unexposed. The mending experience with Alyx was so pleasant and I would encourage anyone in the KC area (and beyond) to send anything you need mended to her.

Recently, I read a book about regenerative fashion by Safia Minney (which reminds me to never shop or consume again lol) but a takeaway was that repair is one of the biggest things we can do to cut our carbon footprint. By repairing our clothing we are committing to getting the most use out of a garment. Not only does this support sustainable living but also creating vibrant fashion communities. 

It's been a minute since we've talked. Full transparency I hate the month of March. It's a hard one for me, but I've been taking good care of myself. Spending time at the apiary, breaking bread with friends, nourishing myself properly. I'm hoping that as we make this shift with the spring equinox (which also falls on the first day of Aries SZN) that I will be challenged to reconsider my feelings on March. 

Until next time, beautiful humans.


  1. I always try to mend things that can be mended!

    Curated by Jennifer

  2. It's awesome you were able to get pieces you love so much repaired! :) I have been trying really hard to repair some of my pieces that have issues but I have to confess these repairs would be too tricky for me, haha! It's a good reminder I should try take them to my tailor when my skills fail - although when I have had issues my mum has been able to help me sometimes too!


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