Oh Michele

May 25, 2023

Most of my style blog posts start out with a story of how the piece caught my eye, but to be completely honest I can't remember when I first clocked this piece. Only that I did, and that it feels like I spent eternity (a little under 2 years) doing some Gatsby level pining for this jumpsuit.
This Michele jumpsuit has my heart. Perhaps what made it so hard to forget was the print. Its an archival DVF print called the 3D chain small homer. As a big DVF stan I had seen this chain print before on dresses but never in this color combo which gives it such a retro feel to me.
Originally this jumpsuit retailed for $800. When I finally registered this jumpsuit it seemed to have disappeared off the internet and I missed it! Over the holidays it popped up on Yoox (a Net-A-Porter company) but was still higher than I liked. Spendy as my friend Toni would say. Then, right before Christmas this jumpsuit fell into my lap via Poshmark. 80% off too! I had to say yes. 

My bonus mom Diana graciously took on a design project from me (TY, D <3). and hemmed up this jumpsuit. Initially, I asked if we could make a couple of scrunchies from the extra material. She had the genius idea that instead of two scrunchies, a headband might be nice in addition to a scrunchie. 
A very simple outfit here of this jumpsuit, some jewelry from India (thanks Dad & Bua), and Converse Run Star Hikes. I feel like the shoe, accessory pairing with this jumpsuit will be fun to play with. Most recently, I wore this jumpsuit with Converse and a silk clutch, but I see myself wearing Birkenstocks and Funny Bunny on my toes, or perhaps the Row bare sandals and Sierra Winter Jolene earrings. Sweet Brenna actually bought me these for my birthday =')
I think this jumpsuit and I are going to have a long and happy life together. Truly, I see myself driving off into the sunset wearing this jumpsuit with big sunglasses on and Adele's Love is a Game blaring. Hold out for the clothes that make your heart swoon.
I'm feeling better these days. It's funny how sometimes the thing you know that will make you feel better is not what people would advise, but you have to be true to yourself, and listen closely to what your heart tells you. Say the things. They'll set you free.

Wearing: Jumpsuit - DVF (Sold out, but very similar), shoes - Converse, scrunchie/headband (handmade with love and hemmed material, but I like this one), ring - custom from a jeweler in India (similar), necklace - custom from India (similar), nails - OPI Funny Bunny

Photos by my darling friend Brenna 



  1. What a cute jumpsuit! It's so good you could use the material from hemming it to get some hair accessories too! It's absolutely adorable on you and I love the print :)


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