Style Icon: Hilary Banks

December 15, 2012

I always loved the Fresh Prince of Bel Air whether it be Will tormenting Carlton, Ashley’s feminism rants towards the last season, but most especially Hilary Banks. 
It was not until recently over Thanksgiving break where I was watching late Nick at Night (mainly because over vacations I have time to watch late night television) but as I was watching Fresh Prince and Hilary be her usual self I realized that Hilary is definitely one of a kind.

There is truly no other original character like her on television today and really none like her in other 90’s sitcom shows. Though she was a wanna bee career woman and a shopaholic by day with Uncle Phil’s credit always at hand she never looked anything but flawless. Don’t believe me? Look at the photos I’ve posted, these screen caps are the best. My favourite Hilary episode was when she started rubbing a potato on someone’s car who she had a problem with, classic. She always looked flawless though regardless if she was potato-ing someones car. Hilary also had the perfect wardrobe and always looked nothing short from chic. Some of my favourite things she would wear consisted of big hats, chain necklaces, cardigans, matching skirt suits, and well pretty much everything! She is also one of my beauty icons being so pretty and her makeup always flawless. Take that 21st century. Hilary Banks style icon.

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