Navy Blue YSL

December 6, 2012

This was my outfit today! Je regrette pour le tres petit photo!
What I have on is a navy blue Hollister sweater, Forever 21 basic grey sweater, black bullhead jeans, leopard loafers, and a giant black Minnie Mouse bow! I got a navy blue sweater mainly because the book Parisian Chic said it is a very Parisian style. Which surprised me because when it comes to things Parisian I seem to do them naturally. When I stumbled on this page I was very taken aback. If everyone had this navy blue sweater as a basic in their closet, why didn’t I? That’s mainly the reason as to why I bought one. Though I strongly disagree in the winter white/ white jean trend I do agree with most of the outfit choices this book suggests! Anyone want to buy it for me for Christmas, HA!

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