Diane Young

May 21, 2013

Baby, baby, baby, baby right on time. Baby baby baby baby right on. 

Sorry about that, but I've had Diane Young by Vampire Weekend stuck in my head alllllllllll day. It's been beautiful outside lately, not immensely hot, just right. Summers here in KC tend to get pretty bad at times. I did some shopping and got a tweed jacket I had my eyes set on, and also bought a pair of some sweet Betsey Johnson shades. To be seen in a later post of course! My close friend Courtney and I made a successful batch of lemon macarons, and I also got hooked to the 2009 series of Melrose Place with Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. I am in need of more collared shirts, specifically lots of...black ones, even red. I am wearing a white sleeveless collared shirt from H&M, DIY'd thrift shop shorts, cat eye sunglasses from Target, bowler hat from Urban Outfitters, gold necklace from Forever 21, and one of my favourite Jesus bracelets. My prayers go out to those in Oklahoma right now.

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