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May 31, 2013

Maybe it was because I've been growing my hair out since October or that Alex's schedule is always the opposite of mine, but I was really excited to finally get my haircut today. I've always been one for really short layers, but last October I was told that my hair layers were too short so I made it a goal to not get my hair cut til' summer. So today when I stopped by my favourite salon Paisley & Stripe, I told Alex that we had some major detox to do. 

Since I guess I'm growing up I decided to go with longer layers and shorter bangs. My hair was blown out with curls, and all perfect until I tranced around town. My length seems a tad shorter than it is because it's not pin straight like I normally have it so don't worry! I changed my outfit 4 times this morning, but finally decided on a thrifted black blouse, Urban Outfitters jeans, Harajuku Lovers wedges, and my spike necklace from XXI. I went geocaching with my friends today but we had three unsuccessful tries. On the bright side, I did buy the Killers tickets! I thought the polaroids would be fun! You can see my hair before I ruined it! If you haven't been to Paisley and Stripe you need to go, book with Alex!

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