I Woke Up In a New Bogatte

June 2, 2013

I am obsessed with pop-up stores, yet they are so rare to find in KC. A couple years ago in a fashion class we were told to create a fashion retail store from our own imagination and a buying plan. I decided to create a pop-up store called Hex. Pop-up stores hold a near and dear place in my heart because they are always filled with new items.
A pop-up store is mainly an online store that sells few quantities of on trend items that occasional travel. Which means that an owner may bring some items to a location to sell. The items sell out pretty quickly because of limited quantity and customers desires. Essentially the items "pop up" and then are gone forever. Now in Kansas City I have never seen a pop up store, but upon my feverish instagram creeping I found one, called Bogatte!

Bogatte defines itself as: "Bogatte is a clothing website for gals who are free-thinking trendsetters.

"A gal who is a free-thinking trendsetter is one who lives by her own rules, questions what society tells her and wears whatever she wants because she knows she will rock it. We like to call these rad chicks our galfriends. Our Bogatte galfriends stand out from the crowd and can easily be spotted by other BGs. Every package we send out will be made with love by one galfriend to another▲"

Whoever wrote their About Us page is a genius, not only is it a flowery description but oh so on point it just makes me smile. The other great thing about the shop is that they sell flower crowns and vintage items too! I cannot wait to get my hands on one of their crowns when they release more items!

Shop Bogatte, because I know I sure will!

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