2021 Shopping Year in Review

December 11, 2021

Last year, I participated in the 20 in 2020 dressing challenge. Which involved limiting my purchases to no more than 20 wardrobe/fashion pieces. This challenge opened my eyes on how limiting my fashion purchases could not only keep my style sustainable, but that shopping with intentionality can be incredibly joyful. While I didn't have a formal number of how many items I was allowed to purchase this year I realized I could purchase 20 items or less.

This year I bought 13 items. What I really love is that I have made a lot of progress getting pieces that I have wanted for a long time and that I have actually lost sleep over. Dresses I've waited four to thirteen years for. A jumpsuit I've waited two years for. I'm also proud that everything I've bought can be worn many times in different ways and 77% of it is sustainable.

1. Rachel Zoe Miranda dress

I see this dress in my closet and it makes me heart swoon. I hope you have a piece of clothing that makes you feel like this. I can't wait to wear this dress again this spring/summer now that I am feeling more like myself.

2. Bldwn Kerry waist tie maxi shirt dress

One day in 2019 I was walking on the Country Club Plaza and saw this shirt dress in a window and immediately went into the store to try it on. This never happens. Mainly because I hate trying clothing on in-store, but also because this piece seemed like one out of my dreams. This dress retailed for $200 which honestly was expensive, but for the amount of material, fiber, and craftsmanship I had considered it. Plus it could be worn so many ways. I didn't end up buying it and figured I'd wait for it to go on sale. Unfortunately a global pandemic happened, I stopped shopping, and Bldwn shut down during the pandemic (I think they are coming back?). Fortunately Bldwn liquidated their clothes on Nordstrom Rack so I snagged this dress for $60 ish dollars. My mom tailored it for me and boom. It definitely needs a good steam before wear and a trip to the dry cleaners between every few wears but this is such a quality piece.

Idk why this cardigan is such a win for me mentally. Probably because I wanted a cardigan that could do everything. I dreamed of a high-quality cotton/silk cardigan that didn't need to be washed often, and could be worn during all seasons. Then I found it! For under $30. Sometimes its worth not settling even on small things like cardigans.

4. J. Crew white linen slip dress

So, not exactly something I needed but if I wanted to wear my Bldwn dress a slip was needed. I thought a linen slip dress would also be something nice to own (Plus they're so trendy these days and practical). I've actually worn this dress at the pool, and at home!

5. Marchesa Notte Embroidered black and gold two piece set

Now talk about a piece I really didn't need but my cousin got married earlier this year and I don't have any proper Indian garb and didn't want to spend the mental capacity to get something. Two pieces are pretty popular in Indian dress these days. I had eyed this Marchesa Notte set before on ThredUp but the size was always too big. I managed to find this set on Poshmark in the right size and it was the perfect outfit. The embroidery kills me. Its so beautiful. I love that this set is great for a black tie event, fall/winter, and each piece can be worn individually. 

6. Tory Burch Vote shirt

Purchased this top solely out of frivolity because I found it for $25 instead of $68 and hey its a great basic that spreads an important message!

7. Anna Sui Slip dress

Besides my Oceans heist this has to be my favorite purchase this year. This dress just means so much to me. Hopes and dreams for a girl wishing for more in the heart of suburbia. Something to be worn through the ups and downs with friends and lovers.

8. Sister Gulassa kimono

A kimono I've wanted since 2017. Its so beautiful and great for so many occasions.

9. Reformation Jenny jumpsuit

This jumpsuit. Or are they overalls? Can someone settle this for me? I don't think I've bought an apparel item in a long time that I love as much these overalls. Plus, I wear them so much. The CPW is down to $3.84 (From $50).

10. Daydreamer Whitney Houston shirt

The focal point of a whole favorites post. This shirt makes me smile. I'm constantly wearing it.

11. Patagonia Utlralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack

When I went to Bentonville I borrowed my friend Amanda's fanny pack and realized how utilitarian these things are.  Its great for walks or when I just need my key holder and chapstick. Now it may not be the Marmont Matelass√© Belt Bag (IYKYK), but I can wear this about two different ways with every piece of clothing I own. For $29 I'm not mad. More to come.

12. J. Crew Collection tie-neck top  

I've wanted this blouse for a long time. $148 was actually not super incredulous for how beautiful this top is, but snagged it for $25. I have nothing like this in my closet which makes it such a fun addition. Bringing the mirror pics BACK.

13. FRAME Le Flare De Francoise Jumpsuit in Marigold

I can attest part of my style to television. I saw Padma Lakshmi (my everything) wear this jumpsuit on Top Chef and I knew I needed it. Problem was I couldn't find it in my size, until I DID. I paid a little more than I liked for it, but it is worth every penny, truly. I went off of FRAME's measurements and somehow this beautiful jumpsuit fit my 5'4 self perfectly. Some good karma working for me.

It's interesting that this year I didn't limit myself to purchasing a certain amount of clothing and I am content with my behavior. A little under half of these items I've wanted for over a year, I've filled some holes in my closet, and most of these pieces are versatile enough to wear year round.  I'll be honest though my favorite piece of the year is probably this tiered peplum top my coworker Heather gave me. Thanks, H. You rule.

Ok I'm done shopping for the year, really! Last weekend my friend Mallory and I baked our annual slew of Christmas cookies and tonight I'm watching Annie Live! with some friends.  I'm enjoying Khalid's mix tape Scenic Drive (Pro-tip: Listen to this as the sun is setting) and this last sentence from one of my favorite Twitter accounts Astro Poets. "December with its bitter trees will hold its cold sun out to us to illuminate the things we hold most dear and true. We are ready for it." 


  1. I'm impressed you bought so few items! I thought I'd had a low shop year this year but I've bought 21 items already and I sometimes go shopping in the boxing day sales so I can't say I won't buy more, haha! It would be good to have bought just 21 items in 2021 but I can never resist a good sale! :) All of these things you got are beautiful but that marigold jumpsuit is my fave!

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend! We went to two fun Christmas parties yesterday :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. You did so well! I'm always impressed when you find dresses you want so much cheaper!!

    Curated by Jennifer

  3. It looks like a great shopping spree! xx
    Elegant Duchess xx


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